Top 10 Dinner And Movie Combos

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3. STAR WARS and One Of Those Novelty Astronaut Food Dinners

Apparently astronauts don’t really eat those things, and all of our childhoods were shams. Next we’ll find out that Santa Claus DOES exist, our palms WON’T grow hair if we don’t get out of the bathroom right this minute, and all kids DON’T shower with their gym teacher.

Bring me Solo . . . and a cookie.”

Author: Zach Golden

Photo Credit: Wikia
edwardDinner and movies go together as well as international waters and underground cat fighting rings. Which doesn’t really make sense, if you think about it, what with movies being all attention grabbing and stuff, and dinner requiring attention in order to ensure food reaching mouth/not choking to death. But thankfully for both of us, you don’t have to think about it, because Sundance pays me to, so one of those darned thinkin’ headaches averted.10. THE GODFATHER and Approximately 14 Cannoli9.  THE ARTIST and Fried Chicken8.  FARGO and Beer Braised Bratwurst7. THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP and Turkey (dark meat, obviously)6.  Brokeback Mountain and Hot Dogs5. MANHATTAN and Pastrami On Rye
4. EDWARD SCISSORHANDS and Chopped Salad3. STAR WARS and One Of Those Novelty Astronaut Food Dinners2. The Brothers Bloom and Vegetarian Chili1.  Annie Hall and Lobster