Top 10 Differences Between The Gothams Of Nolan And Burton

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2. Pat Hingle vs. Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon

Gotham City is nothing without its stalwart police commissioner, the surly lieutenant who is ready to get his hands dirty but sometimes just as ready to leave the heavy lifting for his friend in the mask and cape. The late Hingle (who died at age 84 in 2009) made a career out of being Gordon, having reprised the role through both Burton films as well as the two unmentionable and very adolescent Joel Schumacher misfires BATMAN FOREVER and BATMAN & ROBIN. On the other hand, Oldman’s take on Gordon is much more personal and haunting, giving the character depth and justice as a major player in the new franchise’s plotlines.

Author: Dan Heching

lightAmazingly, Bruce Wayne is about to don his Batsuit for the seventh time in a little over 20 years, with the role of Batman becoming a nouveau-James Bond of sorts—a grand total of 4 actors have portrayed him thus far. When the original BATMAN came out in 1989, superhero films were far from guaranteed successes; effects and makeup still hadn’t quite risen to the standards of what the deliriously imaginative comic creators could come up with. Nevertheless, Tim Burton’s BATMAN was a commercial and (mostly) critical success, enough to ensure delivery of the (arguably) better sequel BATMAN RETURNS three years later. Fast forward (remember that?) to 2005, and MEMENTO director Christopher Nolan resuscitated the franchise with the much more realistic BATMAN BEGINS, which in turn was also followed by a superior sequel, THE DARK KNIGHT.

While comparing the drastically different Batman universes of Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan might seem a fruitless endeavor, an interesting way to explore them is through the directors’ treatment of the Dark Knight’s beloved Gotham City. 

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