SundanceTV: Single Stories

SundanceTV has asked a handful of our notable friends to tell their Single Story – a story of a pivotal moment in their lives, and the wisdom they’ve gleaned from the experience.
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SINGLE STORIES: The Experience
In these vignettes, some of the world’s most discerning men share stories of the single moments that opened the door for them to become masters of their craft. When did it all change? What was that instant that shifted perspective, awakened senses, revealed the world in a whole new way? In these Single Stories, our notables lean in and share the pivotal moment that changed their perspective and inspired them to fully realize their future.
Available exclusively online, our visionaries weigh in on those pivotal moments from the perspective of the body of work they've gone on to produce. They identify that nugget of wisdom -sometimes highly nuanced, sometimes simple and blunt - that made all the difference in the years that followed. The lesson is clear: Don't underestimate everyday moments. Respect them. Celebrate them. Because it's only in retrospect that we can grasp their impact.