written and directed by Academy Award® winner Jane Campion. starring Elisabeth Moss, Gwendoline Christie, David Dencik and Nicole Kidman

Press & Reviews

“Funny, sexy, disorienting, and emotional...”

The New Yorker | More

“... A story located at the juncture of sex and violence...”

Variety | More

“...Top of the Lake, an edgy, disturbing and altogether first-rate crime drama...”

Hollywood Reporter | More

“... Top of the Lake is an upsetting, beautiful, fantastically acted mystery...”

Buzzfeed | More

“... Elizabeth Moss is stripped bare, both emotionally and literally...”

Vulture (NY Magazine Blog) | More

“An intriguing crime drama and mystery...”

The Playlist (Indiewire Blog) | More

“...Elisabeth Moss drew raves for her tough but vulnerable performance.”

Broadcasting and Cable Blog | More

“This is a director really stretching out across a canvas in the most startling, shocking, provocative way”

Salt Lake Tribune | More

“...This show takes the sharpest turns when you least expect it. You will be addicted to this wild ride, and the end will shock you.”

Salt Lake Magazine | More