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10 The Walking Dead Deaths That Made You Cry


No show provides an emotional roller coaster as grisly as The Walking Dead. One moment, you’re screaming in terror; the next you’re laughing at zombie sight gags; then suddenly, you’re sobbing into your sleeve because another major character has died. Here are ones that triggered the most tissues.

1. Amy
Sweet Amy didn’t last long. Fans will always remember her for saving Carol from her jerky husband. When she got attacked by a Walker then died in her sister Andrea’s arms, fans misted up. Her death was a sign: No one was safe in this series. Not even family.

2. Andrea
The polarizing Andrea redeemed herself once she finally realized that The Governor was bad news. Fans got choked up when she had to fend off her zombified buddy Milton, then the waterworks really started flowing once she took Rick’s gun to off herself after being bitten.

3. Beth
She had the voice of an angel, which is fitting because she is one now. The good thing about Beth’s story was that we got to see her come into her own before she met her demise—and, we do love that she went out swinging. But that final scene with Daryl carrying her lifeless body could make even The Governor cry.

4. Dale
He was the voice of compassion for many of the early seasons, so when he got gutted by a zombie then mercy-killed by a fellow survivor, you cried as much for the end of an era as you did for Dale himself.

5. Hershel
If you didn’t weep when The Governor lopped off Hershel’s head then you’re a soulless zombie already. Enough said.

6. Lizzie
As if what Lizzie did to her sister Mika (the most disturbing death without question) wasn’t awful enough, Carol’s euthanizing of Lizzie had everyone choking back sobs. Carol’s motherly encouragement for Lizzie to “look at the flowers” only added to this gut-wrenching moment.

7. Lori
Who didn’t reach for a hanky when Lori died during childbirth? Who didn’t sob even louder when Carl shot his mom in the head to prevent her from becoming a Walker? Admit it, you ran out of tissues on this one.

8. Merle
While Merle’s death at The Governor’s hand was upsetting — another great character, gone! — the saddest moment came when Daryl had to put down his zombified brother. When Daryl cries, The Walking Dead faithfuls cry too.

9. Sophia
The search for Carol’s daughter, Sophia, took up most of Season 2 so when she walked out of Herschel’s barn, viewers breathed a sigh of relief… followed by a gasp and a lump in the throat as they realized, Sophia was now a Walker. And she had to be killed!

10. T-Dog
Though he wasn’t overly communicative, T-Dog evolved to become a bona fide hero in the end when he helped Carol escape the prison before getting bitten by a Walker. As Glenn noted, T-Dog often put himself in danger to help others, making his death that much more moving (and tear-inducing).

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