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Which “House of Cards” Character Are You? The Results Are In!

Hey, fans for THE WRITERS’ ROOM. The “Which House of Cards Character Are You” personality test has yielded some intriguing results. An impressive 43% of SundanceTV viewers found their match was Zoe Barnes, while 14% are cut from the same cutthroat cloth as antihero Frank Underwood. See below for the full results.

1. Zoe Barnes – 43%
2. Gillian Cole – 15%
3. Frank Underwood – 14%
4. Peter Russo – 12%
5. Adam Galloway – 11%
6. Claire Underwood – 5%

In retrospect, maybe you meant to answer a few questions differently. Sure, we get it. Take the test again and see which House of Cards character is most like you!

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