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THE WRITERS’ ROOM: “Sons of Anarchy” Recapped and Revealed

Given that Sons of Anarchy boasts hordes of rabid fans, inspires numerous literary/feminist critiques and is the basis of a Sesame Street adaptation—the rhyming “Sons of Poetry,” which we watched towards the end of taping THE WRITERS’ ROOM—there’s no denying the series’ deep cultural impact. That said, the show’s creator, Kurt Sutter, still considers himself a Hollywood outsider and admits that he regularly takes to Twitter (with the tag #WTFsutter) to underscore his fringe status in the biz. In fact, follow @sutterink and you’ll see.

How fitting that a show chronicling the life and times of a gang of bikers and outlaws—”adrenaline junkies,” Sutter calls them forgivingly on TWR—would be helmed by this iconoclast. It’s clear that Sutter relishes his role as visionary and provocateur. And his band of merry writers follows suit. On set, they came across as much a family as the tight-knit Tellers, Sutter’s protagonists on SoA.

Sutter is, after all, a family man himself. He and his wife, Katey Sagal, who plays series matriarch Gemma Morrow, are raising three children together. So when one of THE WRITERS’ ROOM producers brought in his dad (a major fan of Sons of Anarchy) to watch our taping, Sutter and Sagal were more than happy to introduce themselves and chat awhile. Fandom is sometimes just as thick as blood.

The connection to the fans is palpable. Indeed, the writers let us know they are fully aware of their audience’s deeply felt expectations: some come for the brutality, some for the touching depictions of brotherhood. And some just for Gemma. After taping TWR, our A2 audio guy revealed that he’s been a fan of Golden Globe-winning Sagal since she started doing the voice of Leela, a cycloptic space alien on the adult-cartoon series Futurama. To prove it, he pulled out a decade-old poster for the series, signed by everyone in the original cast—except for Sagal. On sight, she smiled brightly, picked up a pen and made a tiny dream come true. When Jim Rash got a pronged fork signed as well, the point was unquestionably: this is a show that respects its fans.

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