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“The Writers’ Room” Poll: 10 “Pretty Little Liars” Characters Who Might Be “A”

High school is hard enough as it is, but Pretty Little Liars adds “A” — an elusive and vindictive mystery character that is sabotaging lives left and right and turning high school into a total nightmare. Vote for your best guess at “A” then tune-in for more from the writers and stars of Pretty Little Liars on THE WRITERS’ ROOM, airing Mon., Jun. 2 at 11PM/10c on SundanceTV.

Why: Where on God’s green earth do they make teens as manipulative, conniving, narcissistic and terrifying as Ali? How do we know this entire thing isn’t an elaborate ploy for attention and, as she loves to remind the Liars, “Immortality, my darlings?”
Why Not: She seems kind of genuinely earnest during her big finale explain-fest. She seems genuinely terrified making all those desperate phone calls. She seems genuinely freaked when Hoodie McMysteryGuy had her at gunpoint. …Seems.

Why: There’s something about the way she was always writing in that journal: Is she secretly plotting some sick fiction series (a la Ezra?) Also, she comes across as so much more levelheaded — and therefore, Machiavellian — than the other girls…
Why Not: Until #Ezra. #LyingEzra. #CarWhackingBoysenberryPieEatingBookWhoringEzra.

Why: Did anyone really believe sassy, sarcastic Cece would just float into Rosewood without an agenda? Ali apparently stole Cece’s man, fought with Cece the night of her death, and got Cece kicked out of college. Blondes are freakin’ trouble in this series, and Cece’s got plenty of reasons to don the red coat.
Why Not: Next to serious surveillance masterminds like Mona and Ezra, Cece is an amateur – clearly doing Red Coat’s bidding, but not Capital “A” herself.

Creepy Janitor
Why Not: …Nevermind. You can’t look at him. He only showed up for a total of 8 seconds in one episode. That’s no “A” set-up.

Detective Wilden
Why: Creepin’ on Hanna’s mom, showing up unannounced, yachting with pre-teens… Wilden was the most bad-touch dude in Rosewood and one of the top “A” guesses from the get-go…
Why Not: He’s dead.

Why: No one has had more crazy-eyed, silent-psycho close-up shots than Ezra. There is some messed up stuff happening in that brain, guys . Rumor has it he’s not telling his whole story.
Why Not: He says he was just writing a story about Alison, and now is just trying to protect Aria. But really, with all those cyber-dungeons? REALLY?!

Why: Their bad-touch forbidden incest gave some real intense Days of Our Lives vibes, and maybe they’d go that far to protect that secret.
Why Not: Toby has proven time and time again to be cracked-out crazy in love with Spencer, and honestly, Jenna is kind of a wuss.

Why: Ever heard of a little blockbuster called Revenge of the Nerds?
Why Not: Lucas is a Toby/Jenna combo – too love-sick for Hanna, and too wimpy to even show up for, like, two whole seasons. “A”‘s got bigger cajones than that.

Why: She had every reason to hate Ali, Spencer, and the Liars. Melissa was a bad omen in the early seasons. Every time she lurked, something “A”-like would go down at Casa de Hastings.
Why Not: She sure was broken after “A” killed Ian, sort of flailed about in her own baby controversy afterwards, and then just up and left the country. That one’s not focused enough to be “A”.

Why: See previous Revenge of the Nerds reference. She and Lucas could’ve totally been co-”A”.
Why Not: Viewers saw the depth of her craziness way too early in the series for her to be the ultimate mastermind. Also, Mona = teeny-tiny. Gun-wielding psycho in the finale? Not tiny.

See if the writers divulge any “A” secrets on next weeks episode of THE WRITERS’ ROOM: “Pretty Little Liars”, airing Mon., Jun. 2 at 11PM/10c.