The Staircase

“Bustle” and “The New York Times” Praise “THE STAIRCASE”

The Staircase 700x384SundanceTV’s THE STAIRCASE, now available on demand via the SundanceTV website and app (available for iOS and Android), is being lauded as a must-see for those who loved Making a Murderer.

Bustle says, “What makes THE STAIRCASE a particularly interesting counterpart to Making a Murderer is its apparent disinterest in pontification. The docu-series remained impressively neutral—almost removed from the situation—throughout.”

Decider says, “To this day, THE STAIRCASE is considered the sterling example of what true crime documentaries can be.”

The New York Times includes THE STAIRCASE on their list of what to watch during a blizzard. “Expect twists, turns and a nagging sense of ambiguity.”

Vulture says, “It still holds up, and now makes a compelling companion piece to Netflix’s hit series [Making a Murderer] in its remarkable similarities and considerable differences.”

You can watch THE STAIRCASE on the SundanceTV website or app, available for iOS and Android.