directed by Fabrice Gobert, starring Anne Consigny (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly), Frédéric Pierrot (Young & Beautiful), Céline Sallette (The Connection)

“THE RETURNED” Recap: Episode 206 (Esther)


Ten years ago, Victor/Louis stops a young woman on her way home from the Lake Pub from entering the tunnel where the murders were committed. As she asks him what’s wrong, Serge creeps out of the tunnel and drags her away to her death, shushing Louis.

In the current day, Toni tells Serge he recognizes one of his returned victims, Esther, the woman from the pub, and insists that they track down her parents and reunite them with their daughter.

Virgil sneaks into Camille‘s room again and Claire catches them. Horrified, she brandishes a pair of scissors at Virgil and tells him to get out. As he starts to go, Claire hallucinates that Virgil pulls a knife and lunges at her, acting out the fantasy with her own scissors. Camille catches Claire’s hand and stops her from stabbing herself, yelling, “Are you crazy?” Virgil leaves.

Adèle is frightened by a vision in the mirror of Thomas standing right behind her. Moments later, Father Jean-François tells her the authorities have discovered Thomas’ body washed up on the shore of the flood zone.

An officer spots Julie staying at the hospital and word gets back to Pierre, who says he’ll investigate.

Mr. Lewanski wakes from his coma. Julie visits him and finds that he recognizes her. As Julie tells him that his family has returned he starts going into cardiac arrest.

Adèle tells Simon and Chloé she’s taking baby Nathan to the police station so they can see he’s okay.

Ophelié, the nurse confronts Julie over what happened with Mr. Lewanski. Julie half-explains that she used to look after Mr. Lewanski’s son. “Paul?” the nurse asks, explaining that the only son listed in Mr. Lewanski’s medical records is Louis’ supposed brother, Paul.

Frédéric and another of Pierre’s goons break into Julie’s apartment and discover Louis and Madame Costa.

Sandrine spies on Audrey being interrogated and starts having second thoughts.

Jérôme and Berg discover another sinkhole deep in the forest and notice a mysterious man nearby, whom they follow into returned territory and observe meeting with Virgil.

Claire tells Léna she thinks Virgil is trying to take Camille away to join the horde and they must stop him. Léna tells Camille that Claire said the horde beat her unconscious when she tried to leave. Camille claims she hit herself and hallucinated, like she just did with Virgil. Camille says Claire and Léna need to get out of the land of the returned before Claire kills herself. Léna reminds Camille that she will never leave her.

Adèle visits the police station with the baby. They ask her to stay there while they investigate and she agrees. After much pleading, an officer lets her into the room where Thomas’ body is being kept. As she visits, Adèle is confronted by Thomas who tells her Simon killed him.

Lucy surprises Chloé in the rectory. Simon bursts in and tries to stop her, but a couple of returned men grab him. Lucy berates Simon and tells him he’ll only further ruin Adèle’s life if he stays. Simon refuses to go and Lucy and her men leave.

Army divers discover Milan tied up and alive at the bottom of the lake and free him.

Serge takes Toni and the still mute Esther to the apartment where she once lived and they find it abandoned. Esther walks off as the brothers argue and they stop and follow her to the tunnel, where Toni tells his brother to beg his victim’s forgiveness. The moment Serge apologizes Esther seemingly regains consciousness, asking where “the little boy” (Louis) is.

A military doctor questions Milan, asking if he remembers anyone or anything. Milan single-mindedly laments having “lost her” (Lucy) to the authorities’ puzzlement.

Léna decides she needs to go back to the town to get help for Camille and Claire and heads off despite Camille’s protests.

Frédéric’s companion accidentally shoots Madame Costa while holding her at gunpoint. Frédéric calls Pierre to tell him what happened. Just as he hangs up, Louis uses his powers to make the goon who shot Costa throw himself out a window to his death. A passing army vehicle stops to investigate.

Sandrine forces her way in to see Audrey at gunpoint, where she discovers the girl weeping with those tell-tale lacerations like Toni had making their way up her face. Sandrine embraces her daughter.

Ophelié admits that she peeked at Julie’s medical records after what happened with Mr. Lewanski. Expressing sympathy for her attack, Ophelié accidentally confirms Louis’ allusion to the unborn child Julie was unknowingly carrying at the time. Mr. Lewanski regains consciousness and asks to see Julie.

Léna roams the outskirts of the returned’s territory and happens to run into Berg and her father. Jérome reunites with his family.

Julie asks Mr. Lewanski if Louis isn’t really his son. In a flashback, Mrs. Lewanski meets Louis for the first time waiting on the family’s doorstep and welcomes him in, where he silently takes a seat at the table.

Jérôme tells his family and Berg it’s time to go home. As they leave the house, they find many members of the horde waiting in the darkness outside.

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