directed by Fabrice Gobert, starring Anne Consigny (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly), Frédéric Pierrot (Young & Beautiful), Céline Sallette (The Connection)

“THE RETURNED” Recap: Episode 205 (Madame Costa)


Three months after the original flood, Madame Costa returns home to find Victor/Louis at her kitchen table, drawing a picture of a woman lying in the snow with a dog while his mother meets with Mr. Costa. Louis tells Madame Costa the woman is her. Louis’s mother collects him. Mr. Costa shows his wife Louis’s drawings, which seem to depict the flood even though they predate it. Madame Costa takes her dog for a walk and it runs off. While chasing after the pet, Madame Costa plunges through the lake’s frozen surface.

In the present day, Louis has haunting dreams of Julie being menaced by a crowd of returned. He bolts out of bed and gets Madame Costa, telling her Julie needs their help. Madame Costa tells Louis they’ll never be allowed to go, but when Louis tells his mother he’s leaving she doesn’t stop him.

Julie tracks down Mr. Lewanski at the hospital and is surprised to find him in a coma.

Louis takes Madame Costa on a mysterious route, which is blocked by a group of returned. Madame Costa says they should turn back but Louis walks toward them purposefully and they part to let the pair pass.

Adèle, Simon, Chloé and the baby seek refuge with Father Jean-François.

Léna and Camille talk, Camille wondering if it would have been better if the family had just forgotten about her. Léna promises never to leave Camille again.

Jérôme and Berg notice that some of Louis’s drawings appear more recent than others. Berg reveals that his father, Etienne Berg, was the architect who designed the dam and died mysteriously some time after the flood. A newspaper clipping shows Etienne’s face: he’s the returned man who brought Claire home. Audrey knocks at the door and asks Jérôme if he knows where her parents are. He welcomes her inside, where Audrey tells the men about the hidden development where the returned live. They ask her to take them, but Audrey says she doesn’t want to go back. Jérôme goes out to get Audrey’s parents from the Helping Hand.

At the Helping Hand, Pierre and his men treat their injured guard. Pierre loads up multiple guns and tells Sandrine someone needs to find Toni and whoever freed him and stop them from hurting people.

Police appear outside the church and Simon accuses Father Jean-François of betraying them. The priest promises he told no one and heads out into the pews to meet the police. They ask if Adèle is there but Father Jean-François manages to stop them from searching the whole church and discovering the family.

Jérôme tells Sandrine that Audrey’s at his house and dismisses her horrified protests, insisting she’ll know it’s really her daughter when she sees Audrey.

Esteban finally comes home, but refuses to speak or acknowledge the others, acting like the members of the horde. When Camille catches wind of this she grabs Esteban and shakes him furiously, screaming that he must be pretending.

Investigators discover a network of tunnels linking the lake to the groundwater of the flood, possibly explaining why the flooding hasn’t subsided.

While Julie keeps him company, Mr. Lewanski’s eyes open. She tells the nurse, who explains that that’s not unusual. The nurse, Ophélie, notices Julie’s face on a post-flood “missing” poster at the hospital and offers her an empty hospital room to stay in.

Sandrine enters Jérôme’s. Audrey hugs Sandrine, in tears, but Sandrine can’t meet her daughter’s eye. Pierre and his men follow Sandrine inside.

Camille tells Virgil about Esteban’s new emptiness, asking if it happened because she told him about his parents. Virgil tells her it would have happened anyway. She asks if they will end up like the horde, too. He cryptically replies that they already are.

Jérôme and Berg try to cross the water but are blocked by the engineers’ efforts to stop some of the tunnels and ease the flooding. Jérôme proposes searching for another route to the development.

Toni wakes up at the cottage and finds a group of silent young women waiting inside the house. Serge returns home and asks who they are. He insists that they can’t stay. Toni furiously accuses Serge of knowing who they are: his victims from the tunnel killings.

Lucy surprises Alcide at home. He accuses her of taking the baby and being involved in killing and mutilating the missing police. She denies both charges and flirts with him, asking for help recovering the baby.

Léna spots Virgil fleeing out of Camille’s window. Camille asks Léna not to tell their mom.

Louis and Madame Costa arrive at Julie’s and decide to wait for her there.

At the hospital, Ophélie tells Julie all the missing policemen (including Laure) are dead.

Chloé asks if they can baptize the baby, so she, Simon and Adèle hold a little ceremony under Father Jean-François’s supervision.

Esteban gets up and heads out of the house. Léna tries to stop him but Camille tells her to let him go as he joins the horde.

Pierre assures Sandrine she made the right decision as his men drag Audrey into a basement.

Madame Costa asks Louis how he knew the horde would let them pass. He says he saw it in a dream, and that his dreams always come true.

Deep under the lake’s surface, Milan‘s eyes open once more.

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