directed by Fabrice Gobert, starring Anne Consigny (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly), Frédéric Pierrot (Young & Beautiful), Céline Sallette (The Connection)

“THE RETURNED” Recap: Episode 204 (Virgil)


In a flashback to 35 years ago, Camille‘s mysterious friend Virgil inspects a pile of stolen rings. Snooping outside his home he sees his parents asking Milan to help straighten Virgil out of his petty thievery and delinquency. Virgil flees on his moped, but it stalls out and Milan catches up with him.

In the recent past, a newly returned Virgil goes home to find his elderly parents still living there. Virgil’s father orders him out at gunpoint and he leaves, astonished after recognizing the old man.

Adèle dreams of Simon visiting and holding their baby. Chloé wakes her in a panic to tell her the baby is gone. Across the water, Simon watches a returned young couple care for the baby. Lucy tells him he did the right thing.

Claire, Camille and Audrey watch over Léna and inspect her stab wound. Léna, half-conscious, is happy to be with her mother and sister. Claire realizes they have no supplies to dress the stab wound and decides to go outside. She ventures into the nearest house and finds the returned man who took her back to her house after she was beaten by the horde.

Back at the house, Virgil visits and Camille lets him in despite Audrey’s objections. Camille claims that she doesn’t know who Léna is and Virgil reads her mind, telling her he knows Léna is her sister. Virgil explains that the returned can see things people try to hide from them. He invites her to try to read him. She hears his name, sees his moped and then looks frightened. She tells him she saw the way he died.

Back in the past, a young Serge spots Virgil chained up in his basement of the family cottage. Virgil asks Serge for help and the boy frees him. As his mother makes dinner, Milan comes in and takes Serge outside. Milan leads Serge to the woods and shows him Virgil, horribly injured. Milan kills Virgil.

In the present day, Serge opens the basement hatch to reveal Milan chained up, still undead. Milan tells Serge he’ll forgive him if Serge frees him immediately. Serge shoots his father instead.

While waiting for the returned man, Claire comes upon a small bedroom and opens the door to find a large group of returned. The man returns with medical supplies and tells Claire they mean her no harm.

Adèle tells Alcide the returned have taken her baby as the police investigate her home. Alcide tells Adèle she’s the prime suspect in her child’s disappearance. Chloé, overhearing, tells Adèle she knows she killed the baby since she tried to before it was born.

Back at her apartment, Julie pores over stacks of Louis/Victor‘s prophetic drawings.

Jérôme wakes after a drunken binge and finds Berg looking over his findings. Berg claims he brought Jérôme home. Berg identifies Louis/Victor from his picture as Louis Lewanski.

Julie looks for Mr. Lewanski, who she used to treat, letting herself into his old apartment. The landlady finds her and tells her Mr. Lewanski passed out and sustained serious injuries to his head months ago, and that he’s been at the hospital ever since.

Chloé confesses the truth about Simon’s visits and the baby’s probable location to Adèle.

When Simon has second thoughts about entrusting the baby to a pair of strangers, Lucy tells Simon the young couple is his parents. She warns Simon not to tell his parents who he is, since Lucy has told them the baby is their own.

Traveling to the dam, Berg and Jérôme theorize that an unusual number of those on the higher ground spared in the flood 35 years ago seem to have died violently over the years since. Berg also shares that he is looking for his father, who died in the original flood.

Léna recognizes Audrey and tells her that her mother is looking for her.

Toni, starved and beaten, is still chained up in the room at the Helping Hand. Audrey’s mother, Sandrine, brings him a plate of food and asks him if he’s seen her daughter. He tells her that he had to kill his brother to stop him from murdering girls, but doesn’t answer about Audrey. Sandrine notices strange lacerations creeping up Toni’s neck, and afterward tells Pierre he seems to be in a lot of pain. Pierre insists that the dead can’t feel pain anymore.

Virgil offers to take Claire and Léna back to the town, but says Camille can’t join them. She doesn’t understand why. Virgil tells Camille he kept visiting his parents even after Lucy warned him not to and they ultimately killed themselves, unable to live with the reality of his return, and explains that he believes the returned cause the deaths of those they love.

Julie stays the night with the landlady and notices a picture of a hunting party including Milan on the wall. She asks about Milan and the elderly landlady describes him as a well-known and well-liked pillar of the community who organized watch groups to preserve order after the original flood. Julie asks about the burglary that killed Victor/Louis and his family and the landlady explains that it wasn’t really a burglary, but rather a warning to get out of town, since many suspected Louis of having caused the flood and even being the devil.

Simon, spooked about the baby after seeing a vision of his father putting a gun to his mother’s head, asks his parents how they died. Their cryptic response, “We joined the circle,” doesn’t comfort him and he takes the child to return him to Adèle. Audrey finds him and asks if she can come along for the ride. Simon agrees. Back in town Simon gives Adèle the baby and warns her she must leave, since the returned will come after them.

Jérôme and Berg discover a collection of Louis’s drawings taped to a wall behind a dresser in Mr. Lewanski’s place.

Serge sneaks into Toni’s room at the Helping Hand and knocks his guard out with a fire extinguisher.

Milan wakes to find Lucy standing over him. He says he knew he’d see her again, he killed her to save her and he loves her. Lucy says she forgives Milan, then knocks him out and pushes him off the raft into the lake, tied up with weights.

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