directed by Fabrice Gobert, starring Anne Consigny (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly), Frédéric Pierrot (Young & Beautiful), Céline Sallette (The Connection)

“THE RETURNED” Recap: Episode 203 (Morgane)


In a flashback to 35 years ago, Lucy wakes up a handsome young man named Morgane. They leave a tiny hillside cottage and head toward town as intense lightning flashes. Rain starts to pour as they cross the flooded reservoir. The young lovers run ahead as a huge chunk of the dam crumbles, flooding the lower part of the town. They join the townspeople on the hillside, all staring at the water in horror. Milan sees Lucy in the crowd and tells her to come with him.

In the present day, a frightened Lucy tells Simon Milan is alive and wants to hurt them. Lucy heads outside to meet a new wave of returned. She spots Morgane in the crowd and caresses his face before welcoming the new arrivals. Even more shaken, Lucy explains to Simon that she didn’t know Morgane was dead.

A coroner tells Bruno that the uniformed bodies discovered tied to trees in the forest are indeed the police who disappeared after their battle against the horde, but one is missing.

Audrey‘s parents greet Jérôme when he shows up at the Helping Hand. He asks Pierre and Frederic if they know where Léna is, but they don’t.

Milan questions Serge about Léna. Serge hurries her outside when she wakes. She asks where Camille is and he says he doesn’t know. She threatens to ask Milan and Serge stops her, offering to take her to see her sister. Serge goes inside to get his gun and Milan interrogates Serge about what he’s doing until he reveals the truth. Milan orders Serge to kill Léna. Serge refuses, but Milan tortures his son with a clamp until Serge agrees.

Simon finds Lucy with Morgane and comments that they’ll soon run out of room to accommodate more returned.

Adéle returns home and finds Chloe singing a tune for the baby, whom Chloe calls “Nathan.” Adéle sends Chloe to her room and tells Father Jean-François that the song was Simon’s, and that Simon wanted to call Chloe “Nathan,” explaining that she thinks Simon is haunting the family. When Father Jean-François argues otherwise, she throws him out.

Louis/Victor‘s mother happily reunites him with his big brother, Paul, newly returned. Madame Costa counsels Julie to leave now that the boy has family with him.

Camille tells Esteban his parents killed themselves and he runs away, devastated. Claire and Camille clash when Claire forbids her daughter from going out among the horde to look for Esteban. The mysterious boy shows up and Camille insists on going searching with him. Claire slaps Camille and Camille runs off.

Berg investigates the sinkhole, determining he’ll need to use oil well cameras to see what’s at the bottom. Later Berg snoops on Jérôme’s project, letting himself into Jérôme’s when he is out.

Pierre and the Helping Hand crew question Toni, keeping him stashed away in an isolated, guarded room and denying him food.

Camille and the boy find Esteban. Camille confesses her role in his parents’ death to the boy, who comforts her by insisting they would have killed themselves anyway. He tells her the masses of returned who are no longer themselves are those who didn’t have anyone waiting for them among the living.

Louis/Victor asks Julie if she’s leaving him, reminding her that she promised she never would. She tries to explain but he goes on the attack and stuns her by revealing he knows she lost an unborn child when Serge attacked her.

Simon visits Chloe and she asks him to take her and Nathan away so her mother can’t hurt the baby. Meanwhile, Adéle seems to experiences the first stirrings of maternal affection for her second child, picking him up when he cries.

Serge leads Léna into the woods and pretends to kill her, but Milan, following behind, sees through the ruse. Milan stabs her and screams at Serge to finish her off. Serge shoots Milan instead.

Flashing back again to 35 years ago, Serge and Toni play at Milan’s pub, just kids. Morgane bursts in and confronts Milan, wondering where Lucy is, and Milan’s goons drag Morgane down to the dungeon-like basement where they beat him viciously and lock him up only feet from Lucy’s dead body.

At the Helping Hand, Toni gets tired of being locked up and starved and tries to force his way out. Pierre and his men chain Toni up and start trying to beat whatever secrets he might have out of him.

Berg sends a camera down to the bottom of the sinkhole, where it captures a glimpse of a human hand flailing in between inexplicable signal failures.

Serge leaves the wounded Léna outside Camille and Claire’s. They see her and rush her inside.

Simon brings Chloe home and finds Adéle sleeping with the baby beside her. He leaves them be.

Julie bids Louis/Victor and the rest of the family a silent goodbye and leaves for town, wading into the water.

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