directed by Fabrice Gobert, starring Anne Consigny (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly), Frédéric Pierrot (Young & Beautiful), Céline Sallette (The Connection)

“THE RETURNED” Recap: Episode 202 (Milan)


In a flashback, a young Pierre meets with a group of gangsters, led by the imposing Milan, in the middle of the night. Pierre is reluctant to carry out a planned robbery, but he and his partner-in-crime draw guns and break into a suburban home. Pierre’s partner pistol-whips the man inside, while Pierre warns the man’s wife to do as they say. When the husband tries to fight back, Pierre’s partner shoots both homeowners.

Near Toni‘s cabin a newly returned Milan runs into his son, Serge, who welcomes him with an uneasy hug.

At the waterside, Lucy and Simon collect and discuss the new wave of returned, noting that they missed some of them who dispersed already. Lucy tells Simon to check on Adéle.

At the hospital Adéle asks to be released, uninterested in seeing her child.

Simon sneaks home to visit Chloe and tells his daughter she must look after her new brother for him.

The dam investigators conclude that there’s no conceivable natural explanation for why the floodwaters haven’t gone down.

Audrey‘s parents are admitted to the town and the police question them about any possible associates who might have assumed Audrey’s identity, chilling them with a description of the girl spotted which matches their daughter exactly. They begrudgingly accept Pierre’s offer to stay at the Helping Hand.

Camille tries to reach out to Audrey but quickly loses patience with her unfriendliness. Claire urges more compassion, leading Camille to lash out over her mother’s decision to take her along and become stowaways instead of letting her live some kind of life on the outside.

Julie tries to connect with Victor‘s mother (who says the boy’s name is actually Louis), but finds her odd and cold. She asks Mrs. Costa about her contemporary, but Costa just says she never knew the family well, though she heard the boy was picked on in school.

Milan asks a clearly intimated Serge about the whereabouts of his mother and Toni. Serge claims they left when everyone was evacuated after the flood.

Berg visits Jérôme, telling him about Audrey’s reappearance and questioning him about his family. Jérôme is surprised to hear of Audrey but shuts the door on the investigator.

Léna visits Toni at the ruined Lake Pub, where he bluntly asks if he’s dead. Léna confirms his suspicions, and he assures her he hasn’t seen her mother or Camille. Pierre and his volunteers show up, asking Toni to join them.

Esteban, another classmate from the bus crash, turns up at Claire’s door, to Audrey’s delight. The boy is spooked by Camille and Claire, so he runs, taking Audrey. Camille follows, leaving her mother chasing after them in a panic. Esteban heads toward the water, planning to swim across the flood zone. The kids are met by hordes of silent returned who gather on the shore and block any exit.

Camille tells her classmates they’re all dead, but they don’t believe her. She threatens to prove her point by slashing her own throat with a broken bottle, but a mysterious young man in old-fashioned clothes comes over and stops her, pointing out that she doesn’t know the rules and may not be immortal. The new kid takes the rest to the site of the bus crash, where they find a memorial confirming their demise.

Léna discovers an obsessive map of articles and locations on her father’s wall, tracking the appearances and disappearances of all the known returned. He says they all died tragically in the valley, but he still can’t find a pattern that explains why some returned instead of others. Léna slaps him, furious at his secrecy and heel dragging. Léna goes off to stay at Serge’s.

Out hunting, Milan holds Serge at gunpoint and demands the truth about Toni and the boys’ mother. Serge begins to explain.

A doctor informs Adéle her baby is ailing, with his heart rate much lower than it needs to be. She continues to decline offers to see the child and refuses to give him a name.

Louis/Victor’s mother forbids him to draw. He angrily tells her his name is Victor and storms off. She rebukes a disapproving Julie, pointing out that Julie doesn’t know what she and her husband went through for him.

Simon joins Lucy who is horrified by the clairvoyant sense that Milan has returned.

The kids rejoin Claire at home. Adéle finally visits the baby.

Julie asks Victor if his father was kinder than his mother. Victor says yes, but insists his father won’t return, since he never died. Continuing the earlier flashback, Pierre kills his partner-in-crime to stop him from finishing Victor’s father off. In the present, the now-elderly man is in a coma in a hospital bed.

Police searching for Audrey reach the perimeter of the flood zone and find corpses tied to tree trunks across the forest side.

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