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10 Twin Stories So Amazing You Won’t Believe They’re True

Twins are often made to seem like creepy twosomes in the movies and on TV, but in real life, there are lots of twin stories that are hilarious, cool—and oftentimes, too outrageous to be believed. Here are 10 of our favorite funny, funky and amazing stories about identical twins.

1. Twins give birth to twins—on the same day.
Some twins do everything together—including giving birth to more twins! In 2004, twins Ashlee Spinks and Andrea Spinger each delivered twin boys via Caesarean sections at the same Atlanta hospital on the same day, a mere hour apart. Speaking of apart, Spinks traveled to Atlanta weeks before her due date just so she and Andrea could give birth together.

2. British grammar school sets world record for having the most twin pupils.
In 2012, a primary school in Market Rasen, England, broke the Guinness World Record for the most twins in attendance after six twin sets enrolled that September, joining the 14 other twosomes already at De Aston School. In fact, because students wore uniforms to class, teachers had problems telling their pupils apart (which must’ve made cutting class easy).

3. Mom delivers two sets of identical twins on the same day.
How rare is it for a woman to become pregnant with not one, but two sets of identical twins—in the same pregnancy? About one in 25 million. So New Jersey couple Stephen and LeAnn Beloyan really hit the jackpot in 2005 when they became parents to girl twins Lauren and Sarah and boy twins Benjamin and Samuel. “I call them my little monsters,” LeAnn told a local newspaper on their first birthday, “but I mean that in a good way.”

4. Fraternal twins… born five years apart?
In 2012, science redefined what twinhood means—you know, that whole born-at-the-same-time thing—when a British girl arrived five years after her twin brother. Reuben and Floren Blake were conceived from the same batch of embryos in 2005, but their parents chose to implant one four-ish years after the other. “He knows that she’s been in the freezer,” Jody told a UK paper about Reuben. “He likes to say she has been in the freezer with the chips and the chicken.”

5. Babbling twin babies go viral.
One of the biggest viral videos of all time showed toddler-aged twins Sam and Ren engaged in a seemingly important conversation — to them, at least. To the rest of us, it was just adorably babbly baby talk. Their YouTube clip not only racked up more than 100 million views, it also sparked debate over how kids learn language.

6. A Brazilian town can’t stop birthing twins.
Several years ago, scientists descended on the tiny Brazilian town of Candido Godoi to figure out how the hilly hamlet’s 80 families had managed to give birth to 38 sets of twins—a “twinning rate” 10 times higher than average. What they discovered was that there’s a specific gene mothers carry that makes them likelier to produce twins.

7. Twins who paint together, stay together.
Marina and Irina Fabrizius are 33-year-old twins who both recently graduated from Germany’s Dusseldorf Academy of Fine Arts. They’ve garnered headlines this year for deciding to go into business together as visual artists, painting canvases side-by-side that are sold two-for-one-style as complementary works of art. “We’re joined in the paintings like a person with four hands,” they say.

8. Adult twins who still dress the same every day.
As kids, most identical twins seem to dress alike at least some of the time. But twins Tracy and Treena from Edmonton, Canada, still wear the exact same outfit every day—s adults. They also live next door to one another and co-own a hair salon called… wait for it… Mirror Image. The twin bond is strong!

9. Identical twins have identical grades.
Identical twins Aporupa and Anorupa Chattopadhyay seem to be sharing the same brain. The sisters said they study together—and it shows. They recently took their Indian Certificate of Secondary Examinations and each pulled off a score of 95 in English, 99 in science, 98 in mathematics and 97 in history and geography. The difference in their scores? Hindi—by one measly point. Anorupa got 98 and Aporupa got 97.

10. The ultimate “twins separated at birth” story.
Every now and then, you hear a story about a set of identical twins who were adopted into different families at birth and remained unaware of one another for decades, only to rediscover one another down the road and discover they’ve been leading eerily similar lives. The first such reported case of this phenomenon may be Jim Lewis and Jim Springer, who grew up only 40 miles away from one another in Ohio yet didn’t meet until they were 39. Not only were both named James by their adoptive families, but both had first wives named Linda and second wives named Betty. They also each had a son named James Allan.

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