The Returned

“The Returned” Recap: Episode 5 (Serge and Toni)

Episode 5: Serge and Toni
The now twice-dead Madame Costa takes Victor from the shelter, causing the police to start a search for the missing boy.

Serge suppresses his killing instincts to nurse the ailing Lena back to health, and keeps her in his mother’s old bedroom.

Toni assumes that their mother has also returned from the dead and is hiding in her room, still angry at him for killing Serge.

Simon wants Adele and Chloe to leave town with him, but she is conflicted after learning of his suicide. Thomas shows up at Adele’s home and shoots Simon, seeming to kill him.

After returning to the shelter on his own, Victor confronts Pierre about his murder. Realizing that Pierre had actually tried to save him, Victor chooses not to seek revenge.