directed by Fabrice Gobert, starring Anne Consigny (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly), Frédéric Pierrot (Young & Beautiful), Céline Sallette (The Connection)

“The Returned” Recap: Episode 4 (Victor)

Episode 4: Victor
Julie’s ex-partner, policewoman Laure, takes Victor away from her and leaves him at The Helping Hand shelter. Victor was actually killed in a robbery decades earlier, and he recognizes shelter employee Pierre as one of the men involved in his and his family’s murders.

Adele and Simon resume their passionate relationship, and her new fiancé Thomas catches them on the secret cameras he has installed in her house. In an attempt to tear them apart, he reveals to Adele that Simon’s death had been a suicide.

After being hospitalized for strange markings on her back, Lena runs away and confronts Camille and Frederic at the Lake Pub. She leaves upset and then collapses in the tunnel, where Serge finds her.