directed by Fabrice Gobert, starring Anne Consigny (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly), Frédéric Pierrot (Young & Beautiful), Céline Sallette (The Connection)

“The Returned” Recap: Episode 2 (Simon)

Episode 2: Simon
As Camille rejoins her family and tries to pick up life where she left off, she finds it difficult to connect with her now-older twin Lena.

Police link Lucy’s stabbing to a dormant, cannibalistic serial killer, and fear that he’s come out of hiding. Pub manager Toni becomes the prime suspect, but it’s actually his brother Serge who’s responsible.

Like Camille and Simon, Serge has also returned from the dead—in this case seven years after his brother Toni murdered him to stop his killings.

Simon confronts his fiancé Adele, but she thinks he’s just a vision. He is arrested after getting in a violent altercation at a diner.