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Haunted by Ghosts: Episode 2 Recap (Spoiler Alert)

This week is Simon’s story –the hottie who was searching for Adele (who apparently is now married with a kid and having a nervous breakdown – as you would, I suspect, if you were in that situation). And I have even more questions now than I did last week.

The line of the episode:
“We’ll sleep when we’re dead.” (apparently not) – Simon to Adele.

Ok, so – questions!

Wait – Simon died TEN years ago? Camille died four years ago… so are random dead people from all time spans coming alive? Will Rip Van Winkle show up?

Well, Lena has the right of it – when she wonders why everyone is acting like everything is all normal – IT’S NOT.

And why didn’t Julie tell the police about the weird lost boy?

HOW IN THE SAM HELL DID THE WAITRESS SURVIVE THAT ATTACK? Did she die and come back as a zombie like everyone else in the town?

And the attacker is “back”? So he’s a zombie too? (A: Yes. And apparently he lived with his mother – which, while that would make anyone angry, it’s not enough reason to kill).

Is the water level in the reservoir declining linked to all these people coming back?

Camille trashed Lenas room – maybe the longer they are dead the more violet the Returned become?

Wait – Simon has been back before? He must have died in between those times (again) because he clearly doesn’t remember being back… or maybe Adele hallucinated the first time?

How does the doctor know people have returned before, but no one else in the town seems to? Is he a zombie? Why is he not freaked out? Why doesn’t he alert the authorities? Something is weird about that doctor.

ZOMBIES CANT DIE? Do they have magical powers? That kid victor is like a Twilight vampire. Flies out of windows and is really fast. He gets creepier by the minute. Loveable yet creepy.

The killer is related to the bar owner?? Why are there bars on the windows in that creepy cabin? Why is the bar owner not running screaming when he finds all those dead tortured animals? Or when the wolf comes back to life? THESE PEOPLE ARE CRAZY.

Oh wow JULIE the doctor was a victim of the serial killer?

I’m confused, hooked and addicted at the same time. Until next week.

A confused writer,

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