Starring Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones®), Martin Henderson, Julianne Nicholson (Boardwalk Empire), Tom Sizemore, and Tamara Tunie (Law & Order: SVU)

“THE RED ROAD” Recap Season 2

In the aftermath of the shootout with the Albanians, Harold is hailed as a hero and promoted while Phillip is sent back to prison for violating parole.

A year later, tensions between the tribal community and neighboring townspeople are at a high as both groups wait for the government to officially recognize the tribe and bar public access to the mountains where they live. Mac has taken Phillip’s place as the mentor figure in Junior’s life.

Junior’s father, wealthy and powerful Chief Levi Gall, tries to convince Mac to give him lucrative development contracts when the tribe is recognized. Mac declines.

Phillip, newly free, storms onto tribal land to confront Mac, who dis-enrolled Phillip from the tribe after his last arrest. He finds Mac dead with a bag of cash on the ground nearby. Phillip takes the bag of money as Junior arrives at the scene. Phillip tells Junior he didn’t kill Mac and calls 911. Junior doesn’t believe him.

Jean heads over to take care of Harold’s boss, Captain Warren, after hearing his wife has succumbed to cancer. Jean leaves, spooked, when Warren cryptically claims to have killed his wife. Warren commits suicide.

Masked gunmen enter Marie’s home and ask her where the money Phillip took is hidden, threatening Marie and Sky’s lives. Phillip and the tribal police shoot it out with the gunmen, who flee.

Harold teams up with Frank Morgan and the two men finally come to an understanding over the car accident as they track down the gunmen. They kill one, but the other escapes. Harold is promoted to captain.

Harold receives a note from the deceased Captain Warren pointing him toward Jack Kopus, now serving a life sentence in prison.

Marie, as acting chief, hires Levi to develop casinos on Lenape land. Junior steals a survey truck in protest and is arrested. Levi tells police he gave his son permission to use the truck and gets him released, inviting Junior to visit his own tribe in Connecticut.

Harold visits Jack, who reveals that decades prior, mobsters paid Captain Warren to look the other way as they filled the mineshafts running through the Lenape mountain with toxic waste. Harold deduces from Warren’s comment about having killed his wife that the toxic runoff from the mountain must have eventually contaminated Walpole’s water as well as the natives’.

Jean’s father, who worked for the mayor’s office at the time, casts doubt on Jack’s story, insisting the shafts were filled up long before.

Junior travels to Connecticut, where he stabs Levi in an assassination attempt. Levi has his men lock Junior inside a cabin in the woods, while tribal police lock another man in the trunk of their cruiser.

Harold follows Junior to Connecticut, suspecting the boy means Levi harm, but is arrested and detained by Levi’s tribal police when he tries to enter the reservation.

Jean tells Phillip Harold is in trouble in Connecticut, and Phillip hurries there to help find Junior.

Jean confronts her father over a lifetime of deception, deducing that he knew her brother was schizophrenic and subjected him to torturous amateur “therapy” sessions during which he’d hold a plastic bag over her brother’s face.

When her father denies it, Jean pulls a nearby bag over his face. She relents, but the stress gives her father a fatal heart attack.

Rachel discovers her mother near-catatonic outside the house. Jean tells Rachel she needs to hide “the bag”. Rachel understands what she’s talking about when she sees the scene inside. She hides the bag and calls the police.

Phillip frees Harold and points out that it looks like Junior already attempted to kill the injured Levi. They head for the woods.

Junior escapes from the cabin and frees the other captive, who turns out to be the surviving gunman from Marie’s and Mac’s killer. Junior abandons his injured companion and his father’s men find and execute him.

As Junior flees, Phillip and Harold hurry toward the sound of the gunshot, catch up with Junior and escape Levi’s men.

Harold drops Phillip and Junior off at Marie’s, where Phillip tells Marie that Levi will come after them, but they have to handle it on their own to avoid Junior going to prison for attempted murder.

At work, Harold tries to prevent the force from promoting conflict between the people of Walpole and the Lenape.

Marie visits Jack in prison and gets the big secret out of him: Walpole city officials, including Jean’s father, were behind the toxic waste.

Junior and Rachel reconcile and share a kiss, Junior telling Rachel he’d stay by her side when she shares fears she’s developing symptoms like her mother’s.

Jean worries seeing Junior will make it hard for Rachel to leave for college next year. Rachel tells her mother she’s not going to college, instead planning to stay in town and live with Junior. Jean tells Rachel she won’t allow it, but Rachel says Jean can’t tell her what to do anymore, implicitly blackmailing her.

Levi’s men try to kill Phillip at the house where he’s squatting, but he surprises them, killing one and forcing the other to call Levi inside. Phillip executes Levi and his remaining henchmen as sirens converge on the scene… and then pass by.

Phillip follows the sirens to Marie’s, where he finds Frank, Marie, and Junior all wounded by Levi’s men. Phillip cries over Marie and tells her he’s sorry.

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