Starring Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones®), Martin Henderson, Julianne Nicholson (Boardwalk Empire), Tom Sizemore, and Tamara Tunie (Law & Order: SVU)

“THE RED ROAD” Recap: Episode 206 (Shadow Walker)

Harold and Phillip catch up with Junior, who tells them Levi is not far behind.

Katie picks up pills for Jean to resume treatment while Rachel stays at a friend’s house, not yet ready to see her mother.

Phillip goes ahead to distract Levi and his men while Junior and Harold stay back.

Katie returns home to find her mother gone.

Jean visits her father, apologizing for her earlier accusations, convincing him to take her inside the house to “say goodbye.” Once inside, Jean confronts her father, who finally admits the truth about her brother and his own abusive attempts to treat Brian’s schizophrenia. Jean hooks a plastic bag over her father’s face like he used to do to Brian. He fights her off, but then suffers a heart attack. Instead of calling for help, Jean watches him die.

Harold and Junior make it to the highway and commandeer a passing truck. Junior begs Harold to wait for Phillip and he does, giving Phillip just enough time to hop into the truck bed and escape Levi’s men.

Rachel finds Jean sitting outside her childhood home and tries to take her away. Jean tells Rachel “the bag” is still inside and no one can see it. Rachel enters the house and finds her grandfather’s body as well as the plastic bag nearby.

Harold drops Phillip and Junior off at Marie’s, where they find Marie taking care of Mike’s baby; Sonya left the child when she fled. Phillip tells Marie that Levi will come after them, but they have to handle it on their own to avoid Junior going to prison for attempted murder.

Harold tries to comfort Jean and Rachel. Later, Jean asks Rachel what’s wrong, and Rachel shows her the bag. Jean confesses the truth about her father and Brian and the bag. Rachel wants to go to the police, but Jean says they don’t need to.

On the news, the Jensens learn that Jean’s father called the mayor’s office to voice his version of events, casting blame on the Lenape for polluting the mountains.

At work, Harold tries to prevent the force from promoting conflict between the people of Walpole and the Lenape.

Harold visits Marie, sharing Jack Kopus’s confession and asking her to visit Jack in prison and try to determine if he’s telling the truth.

In prison, Jack taunts Marie about her decision to leave him to join Levi’s cause and the effect it had on the young Phillip. Eventually, Jack tells Marie the truth: Walpole city officials were behind the dumping — the mob just supplied the drivers. Jack gives her the picture of a young Phillip posing with his soccer trophy, pointing out a Walpole sanitation truck in the background — evidence of the city’s complicity.

Harold pays Phillip a visit, revealing he’s pulled strings to keep Phillip out of prison despite violating his probation by traveling out of state.

Junior and Rachel reconcile and share a kiss, Junior telling Rachel he’d stay by her side if she started manifesting symptoms like her mother’s.

Marie shares the picture of the Walpole sanitation truck with Sky, asking if it will serve as compelling evidence in her planned lawsuit against the city.

Junior shows up at Phillip’s to help defend against Levi’s men. Phillip turns him away, reminding him that Mac was not the vengeful type.

The officer who responded to Rachel’s emergency call tells Harold that Rachel seemed “under duress” when she told him what happened.

Jean tells Rachel she doesn’t want her getting too close to Junior again, since it will make it hard for her to leave for college next year. Rachel tells her mother she’s not going to college, instead planning to stay in town and live with Junior. Jean tells Rachel she won’t allow it, but Rachel points out that Jean can’t tell her what to do anymore, implicitly blackmailing her over the bag.

Harold comes home and asks Rachel if anything happened he doesn’t know about, but she denies it.

Levi’s men try to kill Phillip, but he surprises them, killing one and forcing the other to call Levi inside. Phillip executes Levi and his remaining henchmen as sirens converge on the scene… and then pass by.

Phillip follows the sirens to Marie’s, where he finds Frank, Marie, and Junior all wounded by Levi’s men. Phillip cries over Marie and tells her he’s sorry.

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