The Red Road

10 Things We Learned About Martin Henderson During “THE RED ROAD” Finale

Martin Henderson live-tweeted THE RED ROAD Season 2 Finale with the fans, and throughout the night he shared behind-the-scenes info, his thoughts on the episode, and what he’d like to see more of in the scripts. (Hint: It would involve getting a lot closer to his on-screen wife Jean (Julianne Nicholson). In case you missed it, here are some our favorite revelations from the evening:

1. The reason THE RED ROAD cast does what they do:

2. Jason Momoa’s excellent at ad-libbiing:

3. His hopes for the show:

4. His facial hair game is strong:

5. He loves Rachel and Junior just as much as we do:

6. The future he sees for Phillip and Harold:

7. His thoughts on Harold’s motives:

8. The biggest challenge of filming on location:

9. His hiatus plans:

10. He wants more love scenes. (And who doesn’t?!)

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