Starring Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones®), Martin Henderson, Julianne Nicholson (Boardwalk Empire), Tom Sizemore, and Tamara Tunie (Law & Order: SVU)

“THE RED ROAD” Recap: Episode 205 (The Hatching)

Jean flushes her pills and experiences a vision of her next-door neighbor delivering her a box for her father which contains the paint-soaked bird’s nest that recurs in her hallucinations.

Harold returns home and tells Jean the family must immediately stop drinking Walpole’s water, sharing his suspicions about the paint sludge and her father’s involvement. Jean shares a childhood memory in which her father actually was delivered a paint-soaked bird’s nest, though he claimed Jean made it up.

Harold hurries to the police station and starts making arrangements to warn Walpole and bring in emergency water.

While Harold hangs flyers, Phillip shows up and warns him that Junior’s gone to Connecticut, suggesting Junior plans to kill his own father to protest the casino. Harold brushes him off.

Meanwhile, Junior calls Rachel and makes ominous comments about what he’s about to do, eying the rifle his father gifted.

Jean’s father shows up at the police station to apologize to Harold for “not believing” him about the paint sludge, now claiming the mob must have paid the Lenape themselves to fill the shafts.

Rachel calls Harold in tears over Junior, begging him for help.

Junior and his father disagree over the way Levi’s policies contradict the Lenape’s beliefs. Levi points out that the Lenape aren’t full-blooded, but instead are of mixed African and European descent, and insisting that even their use of the Native American identity is inauthentic and exploitative.

Unmedicated, Jean digs through her parents’ storage boxes. She ends up discovering a book about parenting schizophrenic children, whose presence indicates that her parents knew about her condition long before she did.

Suddenly Jean attacks a spot on the wall of her father’s study with a knife, revealing the ornate grate of the vent she remembered eavesdropping through as a child, which her parents recently denied.

Phillip bribes a bartender to bring him drinks until he passes out, trying to prevent himself from getting involved with the Junior situation since he has only three days left on his parole.

Junior stabs Levi, but the wound isn’t fatal. Levi has his men take Junior to the reservation’s detention center instead of calling the police.

Harold arrives at the reservation in Connecticut, but is told the chief isn’t there.

Jean’s parents arrive home and she flees the house with her daughters, suddenly accessing memories of her parents attempting to “treat” her brother, apparently the one who was suffering from schizophrenia as a child, by tying him to a chair with a plastic bag over his head.

In Connecticut, the Tribal police arrest Harold for trespassing as he waits for the chief in his truck.

Jean calls the Walpole police to ask where Harold is but they can’t find him.

Levi’s men lock Junior in a woodland cabin. Junior witnesses the tribal police lock another man in the trunk of their cruiser and park it nearby.

Jean heads to Phillip’s, rousing him and begging him to find her husband. Phillip tells her he can’t help and throws her out.

Junior escapes from the cabin at night and frees the injured man locked in the trunk nearby.

Phillip heads to Connecticut, where he crosses paths with the chief, who sends his massive guard to show him out.

Phillip and Harold team up to find Junior after Phillip points out that it looks like Junior already attempted to kill the injured Levi. Harold is not happy to discover Levi’s guard tied up in the back of Phillip’s truck, but they press on, even after discovering the empty, blood-soaked car trunk.

Junior waits with his injured companion when he can’t go any further. The other man turns out to be the nephew of the gunman Harold shot, and reveals that he killed Mac accidentally after Mac fired a warning shot at his uncle—not on Levi’s orders. Junior abandons his companion in the woods, but returns just in time to see Levi execute the young man with a shot to the head.

As Junior flees, Phillip and Harold hurry toward the sound of the gunshot.

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