Starring Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones®), Martin Henderson, Julianne Nicholson (Boardwalk Empire), Tom Sizemore, and Tamara Tunie (Law & Order: SVU)

“THE RED ROAD” Recap: Episode 204 (A Cure)

Rachel and Junior encounter some surveyors assessing land for what they say is a casino planned by the tribe’s chief. Junior remains hostile and threatens the men at gunpoint, chasing them out of the area.

Junior’s father, Levi, now involved in developing the casino, approaches Phillip asking for Junior’s whereabouts. When Phillip refuses to help, Levi threatens him, insinuating that thugs like him are easy to dispose of.

Junior finally returns to Marie’s to insist that she change her mind about the casino. Marie defends her choice, pointing out that half the tribe is dying of cancer and the casino is the only way they’ll be able to afford proper treatment.

Harold gets another lucky break in the fallout of the fatal shooting: the gun of the criminal he killed matches the one used to kill Mac. Harold gets a pat on the back from the mayor and is promoted to captain.

Harold receives a note from the deceased Captain Warren reading “IT’S IN THE WATER” and urging him to contact the warden of the local prison. The warden explains that the former Captain said Harold would want to meet with Jack Kopus off the record and offers to arrange a visit.

Harold visits Jack in prison, where Jack asks for $20,000 for the information Harold is looking for. When Harold refuses, Jack relents and says he’ll do it in exchange for old family photos of Marie and Phillip for his wall.

Jean congratulates Harold on his promotion and shares her own good news: She hasn’t experienced any schizophrenic symptoms in two days.

Sky gives Phillip the lowdown on Levi, explaining that he used to be a prominent Native American activist but left the cause behind for money. Sky tells Phillip she’s moved back full-time to fight against the plans for a casino. Phillip tells her he won’t help her get his mother impeached. Sky says she’s not interested in getting involved with Phillip romantically when he brings up the possibility.

Harold finds Junior detained at the police station on suspicion of stealing a survey truck. Levi appears with a lawyer and claims that he gave Junior permission to use the truck. Junior is released and questions Levi about his own youthful idealism. Levi explains that he grew disillusioned with the Native American rights movement and realized money and power were the route to change, inviting Junior to spend time with his own tribe in Connecticut to see how they operate.

Phillip pays Harold a visit and shares his suspicions that the gunman Harold shot is connected to Levi and his tribe. Harold says he’ll pass it along to the feds and asks Phillip to get him the pictures for his father.

While retrieving the photos, Phillip confronts Marie with another suspicion: that Levi is the reason why Marie left him with Jack. Marie says her priority was to be part of the movement Levi was leading and swears she thought Phillip would be okay.

Phillip reconciles with Junior and invites him to stay at the place where he’s crashing. They go into town to pick up a refrigerator and run into Harold, who helps install it but questions where Phillip got the money to buy it. Phillip gives Harold the photos.

Harold delivers the photos to Jack. Jack reveals that decades prior, he worked for a local mob-controlled auto plant which paid Captain Warren to look the other way as they routinely pumped excess paint sludge into the mineshafts running through the Lenape mountain, only stopping when they filled the shafts completely. Harold deduces from Warren’s comment about having killed his wife that the toxic runoff from the mountain must have eventually contaminated Walpole’s water as well as the natives’.

Harold asks Jean’s father, who worked in the mayor’s office at the time of Jack’s story, if he knows anything about the sludge. Jean’s father brushes off the claims, insisting that the mineshafts were closed off long before that. Harold wonders aloud as to why Jean’s parents are moving again.

Jean discovers Rachel having a seizure and dials 911. As emergency workers treat her, Rachel admits that she took some of her mother’s antipsychotic pills. Rachel tells her parents that she fears she’s starting to suffer from symptoms like her mother’s.

Phillip retrieves a wad of cash from his stash spot amid the Lenape’s sacred burial grounds, adding a new keepsake: a photo of him and Mike as young boys that he didn’t pass on to his father with the others.

Phillip delivers the cash to Mike’s widow. Suddenly certain he killed Mike, Sonya confronts him with a gun and shoots him in the shoulder.

Phillip bandages himself at home and passes out, waking to find his cash scattered among the leaves outside. He gathers it and head’s to Junior’s tent.

Junior, having followed Phillip the night before, accuses him of desecrating the burial ground. Phillip tells Junior he found the money near Mac’s body and that Levi probably had Mac killed after he turned down a bribe. Phillip makes Junior swear he won’t spend more time with Levi, agreeing to stay away from Junior himself as well.

Junior meets up with his father to travel to Connecticut. Levi greets him with a gift—a brand new truck — and they set off.

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