Starring Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones®), Martin Henderson, Julianne Nicholson (Boardwalk Empire), Tom Sizemore, and Tamara Tunie (Law & Order: SVU)

“THE RED ROAD” Recap: Episode 203 (Intruders)

The Jensens cope with news of Captain Warren’s suicide.

Mike’s widow visits Kopus, asking him to let her sell drugs with him like Mike used to. He tells her he’s out of the drug business, and she tells him she just appreciates his kindness. Kopus invites her in and they have sex. Later, he fixes her car but yells at her for thanking him and apologizing to him.

Marie, Sky and the tribal elders debate potential revenue sources to fund the tribe’s next phase. Sky takes a hard line against gaming, reflecting Mac’s idealistic views on the subject, but Marie indicates she is open to the possibility, putting the tribe’s welfare first.

Masked men with weapons enter Marie’s home and ask her where the money Phillip took is hidden, threatening Marie and Sky’s lives. Marie manages to dial 911 and tribal police led by Frank Morgan respond first, initiating a shoot out with the gunmen. Kopus happens to show up soon after and rips a door off his truck, using it as a shield and charging into the fray, where he knocks down a gunman and saves Frank’s life. Marie furiously slaps Kopus, asking if he hid money in her house.

Jean’s parents tell the Jensens they’re planning a move since Walpole will change when the Lenape build a casino, and they want the whole family to come with them.

Harold arrives at Marie’s house with the regular police, taking charge even though he is technically required to undergo grief counseling before resuming active duty. Despite Frank’s reservations, Harold teams up with him to investigate the attempted robbery.

Rachel visits Junior’s campsite but doesn’t find him home.

At her parents’ house, Jean tells a childhood anecdote about a vent leading from her room to her father’s study through which she and her brother used to eavesdrop. When Kate can’t find a vent in the study, Jean’s mother suggests that she must have been hearing voices much earlier than suspected. Jean insists the house was different then.

Frank tries to get Harold to admit he lied about his wife’s involvement in the crash, but Harold just opaquely states it was his own fault, not Jean’s.

Jean and her father have a heart to heart about her illness, with Jean’s father reiterating his hopes that the Jensens will join them and Jean sharing that she feels she needs to let go of the past to overcome her issues.

Junior unknowingly crosses paths with the masked gunmen while wandering in the woods.

Kopus, in pursuit of the gunmen, finds Rachel still waiting at Junior’s campsite.

Jean decides to therapeutically watch a garbage man crush old boxes of memories in his trash compactor. Jean instead finds the experience disturbing, hallucinating that the boxes are oozing blood, but tries to put on a brave face for Kate.

Frank slugs Harold after he dares to criticize Frank’s parenting choices. Harold hits him back and they continue their investigation.

Phillip catches up with Junior, giving him the news about the robbery and again insisting he didn’t kill Mac. Junior finds Rachel asleep in his tent and wakes her. She tries to persuade him to stop living off the land. He declines but comforts her affectionately.

Frank admits to Kopus that his son insisted on keeping the St. Christopher’s medal Jean left for him. Just then, they come upon the gunmen and find themselves in a shootout. Harold shoots and kills one man, while the other escapes.

Kopus tells Mike’s wife he doesn’t feel right about sleeping with a friend’s significant other. She says he shouldn’t care because Mike abandoned her, and he doesn’t correct her with the truth.

Jean and Harold discuss their lives and insecurities, agreeing that they don’t need to move to let go of the past. Jean shares that inexplicable last comment Captain Warren made about having killed his wife and Harold is deeply unsettled.

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