The Red Road

Music from THE RED ROAD

THE RED ROAD soundtrack features an eclectic group of artists, including John Eddie (whose songs have been covered by Kid Rock) and Yasutaka Nakata (a pop producer of note in Japan). Below is a list of musicians and songs featured in each episode this season. THE RED ROAD’s original score is composed by Daniel Licht (who also scored “Dexter”).

Episode 1: Arise My Love, Shake Off This Dream
Public Domain, “Production Pow Wow”
Michael Patrick Cronin, “Get Along”
Kevin Gerard Cribbin, Kyle Dennis Reynolds and Zachary Simon Weill, “Everyone I Hate Should Be Killed”

Episode 2: The Wolf and the Dog
Keith Papworth, “Black Velvet”

Episode 3: The Woman Who Fell From the Sky
John Eddie, “Country In My Blood”
Donnie Heyden, “She Bought Me A Suitcase”
James Katalbas, Jaron Lamot, Jason Rabinowitz, Colton Fisher and Zack Arnett, “One Shot Electric”
Carol Ann McGowan and Tim V. Smyth, “Empire Of Old”
Donnie Charles Emerson and Joseph Glenn Emerson, “My Heart”

Episode 4: The Bad Weapons
Yasutaka Nakata, “Striker”
Alexander McCabe, “Swingin Lite”

Episode 5: The Great Snake Battle
Hermann Langschwert, “Balkan Beats”
Henry Gross, “Shannon”

Episode 6: Snaring of the Sun
Michael Balch, Paul Barker, Gibson Haynes, Allen Jourgensen and William Rieflin, “Jesus Built My Hotrod”
Tam Nightingale, “Voodoo”
Edith Mesch Shettman, “Vasilon”
Odario G. Williams and Alister F. Johnson, “Magnifico”
Richard Smith, Ryan Lewis, Matthew Broughman, Michael Kountis and Jamie Davies, “Home”