The Red Road

Buzzfeed Premieres the First 12 Minutes of THE RED ROAD

The premiere of SundanceTV’s all new original series THE RED ROAD is just around the corner, and Buzzfeed has the exclusive first look.

From Buzzfeed: “Later this month, the network will launch its latest original drama The Red Road, created by Aaron Guzikowski (who wrote last year’s twisty thriller Prisoners). Set in a small community in upstate New York, The Red Road depicts the deep racial tensions between white locals and the members of a Native American tribe, who live in the nearby mountains and are unrecognized by the federal government. Local sheriff Harold Jensen (Off the Map’s Martin Henderson) attempts to keep the peace, even as he finds himself drawn into the conflict between the two groups, a conflict that has deep personal roots both for Jensen and his brittle wife, Jean (Masters of Sex’s Julianne Nicholson), as well as a dangerous local thug Phillip Kopus (Game of Thrones’ Jason Momoa), whose pasts are linked through tragedy and loss. As Jensen struggles to keep his troubled family together, a series of events threatens to unleash unspeakable violence.”

Watch the first 12 minutes of THE RED ROAD on Buzzfeed.