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Tig Notaro's genius has always rested in her innate sense of humor and impeccable comedic timing. Check out these ten reasons why you should be diggin' her scene.

Author: Paul Ohan

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10. Taylor Dayne.

9. She speaks more Spanish than most men in Omaha think.

8. She’s not sure why it’s called artificial insemination.

7. She tricks straight (straight-ish) women into feeling her up.

6. She can stare-down Zach Galifianakis.

5. She doesn’t let men get away with talking about her boobies.

4. Louis CK considered Tig's Big C monologue one of the greatest stand-up performances he'd ever seen.

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3. She values education, almost as much as she values pizza.

2. Have Tig at your party. Like, WTF!

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1. Where she made a splash for herself at Taylor Dane’s expense, both women were woman enough to talk about it on the Professor Blastoff show. Hilarity ensues.

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