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If you've watched a few Hollywood comedies in the past three or four years, chances are you've caught a glimpse of Matt Walsh. Comic bit player is sort of his secret identity, which transforms into super funny Upright Citizens Brigade founder and improv master on stage. Here are ten reasons to love this under-sung comic genius.

Author: Jesse Hassenger

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10. Because director Todd Phillips has taken a liking to Walsh, casting him the part of "Walsh" in OLD SCHOOL.

9. He's also gone on to appear in several more Phillips comedies, including DUE DATE and THE HANGOVER, bringing the Phillips male-bonding fantasias down to earth a little.

8. Because he co-founded the Upright Citizens Brigade, which gave us comic talent like Amy Poehler and loads of other SNL-orbit performers; a very funny sketch comedy show; and countless improv gigs in New York and Los Angeles, probably starring at least one of your friends at some point. Their weekly ASSSSCAT show in Manhattan even spawned a pilot for Bravo. It never went to series, but it's on YouTube and provides a hi-fi glimpse at how good Walsh and company are.

7. Because you might confuse him with fellow UCB improviser Ian Roberts, who is also absolutely hilarious. They made a little-seen comedy called MARTIN & ORLOFF together..

6. As you might be able to tell from the various UCB material, he's also good friends with Amy Poehler, which means he has probably fulfilled one of your life goals. They made another improv-based movie together called WILD GIRLS GONE.

5. Because while many comedy directors have used bits of improvisation to create great scenes, Walsh directed a movie that was entirely improvised off of a basic outline: HIGH ROAD, which is more consistently funny than a lot of scripted comedies.

4. Because he's hilarious on HBO's VEEP, playing Mike McClintock, the sad-sack director of communication who lies about having a dog so he can go home early.

3. Because his scenes in MYSTERY TEAM, a brilliant and barely-seen comedy starring Community's Donald Glover, are crazy hilarious. His scenes aren't on YouTube but that's fine because you need to watch MYSTERY TEAM in its entirety as soon as possible.

2. Because in STEP BROTHERS, he plays one of the guys heckling the Catalina Wine Mixer band Uptown Girls (featuring UCB alum Horatio Sanz) to play stuff from The Stranger, even after they specifically explained that they only play eighties Joel.

1. Because he wrote 6th grade essays around bar jokes told by his dad, and his sense of comedy as a kid was dead on.