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If it seems like you've been watching Mark Duplass on screen forever, it's not because you have (unless you are seven or younger). He's only been in features for the past seven years or so, but in that time he's starred in a dozen or so movies, co-directed five, and written a few more. As with the movies he makes from behind the camera, he brings a plainspoken authenticity to his acting roles: an indie performer with a dash of low-key movie-star charisma. Here are ten reasons to love him.

Author: Jesse Hassenger

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10. Because besides his film work, he's one of several oh-that-guy comic actors to appear on The League.

9. Because he came closer to almost any other buddy-comedy actors to actually consummating a bromance in Lynn Shelton's HUMPDAY.

8. Because in 2012, he appeared in six movies (including YOUR SISTER'S SISTER, PEOPLE LIKE US, DARLING COMPANION, and ZERO DARK THIRTY) -- and directed two. More on those in a minute. In the meantime, try not to hold it against him that he got to kiss Emily Blunt and Rosemarie DeWitt in one movie..

7. Because in another one of those 2012 starring roles, SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED, he claims to be able to travel through time, and makes this claim oddly grounded and touching, not cutesy or affected..

6. Because, with his brother Jay, he has shown a knack for getting strong seriocomic performances from name actors: it's basically because of his movie CYRUS, starring Jonah Hill and John C. Reilly, that Hill was able to get into MONEYBALL and get nominated for an Oscar.

5. Because his second crack at name stars yielded excellent performances from Jason Segel and Ed Helms in this year's sweet-spirited, often funny JEFF, WHO LIVES AT HOME.

4. Because even after working with big stars, he and Jay went back and finished their no-budget feature THE DO-DECA-PENTATHALON, and got it out into theaters.

3. Because the first Duplass-directed feature, THE PUFFY CHAIR, takes mumblecore out of rock clubs and hipster communal living spaces, out on the road for an examination of relationship dynamics, all expertly observed: boyfriend-girlfriend, brother-brother, father-son.

2. And as good as THE PUFFY CHAIR is, there's a whole separate deleted scene on the DVD, running seven or eight minutes and concerning the ability to hold in urine on a road trip, that is laugh-out-loud funnier than anything in the movie itself. That scene isn't online, so in true mumblecore spirit, please enjoy this scene from PUFFY CHAIR re-acted by new actors.

1. Because as a pirate-dressed six-year-old, he still seemed wise and knowing beyond his years, as he explains in this clip from THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS.