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This is one of the rare occasions where we don't think you need another reason--let alone ten--to love someone. That's because we're talking about the lovably unlovable Marc Maron. Check out a few reasons to get into America's favorite neurotic and host of the wildly successful WTF Podcast and find out why Marc is the cat's ass.

Author: Paul Ohan

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10. He has great psychotropic anecdotes.

9. Maron pissed off old school comedian Gallagher, trying to explain that homophobia wasn’t funny, and not everyone is inclined towards excessive violence against watermelons at the country fair circuit. Gallagher walked out.

8. According to Maron, there’s no law against dating people that are fifteen years old, emotionally.

7. Even ticked off, he maintains a level of humor, like in ALMOST FAMOUS. Watch the shirt, and LOCK THE GATES.

6. His turn in Mike Birbiglia's SLEEPWALK WITH ME is classic Maron. Dry, quick. Uncomfortably loveable.

5. He's a terrible stalker.

4. He roasted Chevy Chase, and Chevy didn't cry. But Chevy wanted to.

3. Maron presents a case against texting while driving.

2. Marc with Zach Galifiankis. An example why WTF is so good.

1. As a child, mommy had to shop for him in the husky section of the store. Attention mothers, it's not their fault.