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We can’t imagine what she might have to be mortified about, but we’ll be finding out this week on THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS...won’t you join us? Here are ten reasons we’re hyped about this sweetheart from Wisconsin!

Tune into see Kristin Bauer van Straten on THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS, Monday November 12th 10p.

10. Because she finds “insulation really sexy and exciting,” according to this entertaining news segment about Energy Upgrade California, a program she participated in to improve the energy efficiency of her home—and encourage other homeowners to do likewise.

9. Because she’s passionate about rescuing animals and shares her lovely home with a number of them. Don’t believe us? Here’s a home video she took.

8. Because as Pam on True Blood, she’s decidedly terrifying!

7. Because she speaks for those who can’t, including wild animals kept in inhumane conditions.

6. Because she spent her True Blood shooting hiatus traveling to South Africa with her husband to shoot a documentary, Out for Africa, on the ivory poaching trade. She says she wants to make it fun for us to save species, and she might just be on to something...

5. Because she loves being a member of the True Blood family, and almost makes endless hours of shooting and reshooting sound like something enjoyable!

4. Because she’s here to tell LGBQT youth that it gets better.

3. Because, seriously, she really, really loves animals.

2. Did we mention she’s really, really good at playing really, really creepy women?

1. Because she's not afraid to be herself.