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He’s an actor that doesn’t demand a lot of fanfare – he’s just dependable as the brother, the boyfriend and, sometimes, the bad ass. Of all the reasons to love Jason and his surprisingly diverse career, here are the top 10.

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10. He’s a straight guy who will roll around on the floor and make out with another dude.

9. He successfully exhibited every cliched behavior when growing up: hyper, then apathetic, and then plain old crazy. Don't miss this clip from THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS.

8. He played Jeb Bush in Oliver Stone’s W, and mixed it up onscreen with Josh Brolin and James Cromwell. And pssst — you can watch W. this month on Sundance Channel.

7. He looks good with a rifle over his shoulder. And when driving a red convertible.

6. He has the skills to be the leading man in a huge action TV series. And make coffee. And do grip work.

5. He once cracked his head open at the Sundance Film Festival, but stuck it out like a trooper.

4. He ad-libs like a master when talking with Charlene Yi for her semi-fake-documentary, PAPER HEART.

3. He’s magnetic enough to get away with playing an ass-kicking tough guy who haunts Mark Zuckerberg. Uh, we mean, Jesse Eisenberg. (Side note: Director Fred Durst (!) was inspired by Matt Dillon’s character in MY BODYGUARD.)

2. He is so friendly that he occasionally agrees to uncomfortable interview settings.

1. He was the pride of the talented cast of the TV series PARENTHOOD, as their sole Emmy nominee in 2012.