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It certainly helped Gillian Jacobs to be born with beautiful, round eyes; perfect cheekbones; full lips; and a head of blonde hair that would make any young woman in Hollywood a bombshell. But it's her work ethic, brave choices in acting roles, and charm that's turned her into one of the most talked about starlets around. So even if the future of celebrated television series Community is still unclear, get familiar with some of Gillian’s other roles. Here are ten reasons to go mad for Gillian, and to get into her cheering section.

Author: Paul Ohan

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10. She studied acting and graduated from Juilliard. Nuff said.

9. She’s never seen an episode of TJ Hooker starring William Shatner. According to Craig Ferguson, that's ok. (min. 3:25)

8. Gillian offers sex advice to the young and hip women that read Rookie Magazine. You know, because having sex with someone you actually like isn’t always the most obvious choice for teenageers. Preach!

7. Her deadpan comedic delivery was already on view for the world as Cherry Daiquiri in CHOKE. It’s not her real name, but we wish it was.

6. Because she makes broken women seem loveable.

5. If you haven’t met Katie in SEEKING A FRIEND FOR THE END OF THE WORLD, catch up. We’ve never wanted an M-slide so much before in our lives.

4. She owned “several dozen” pairs of overalls during junior high. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, Gillian.

3. She can make being a down-and-out stripper look like the IN thing. One word, BLACKBIRD.

2. Sometimes, she talks like a Gay man on twitter. Note the use of the adjective realness to describe uploaded photos.

Click here to see the realness.

1. Earlier this summer, Gillian teamed up with Esquire Magazine and created a few daily affirmations for men. One of them being the following. Guys, you're welcome.