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Read on to find out why we just can’t get enough Busy Phillips.

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10. Because she’s a good date!

9. Because she’s got a spirited sense of humor and doesn’t mind a little photobombing, even at awards ceremonies.

8. Because she’s always got time for old friends and former co-cast members; she’ll be rejoining her fellow Dawson’s Creek castmember James Van Der Beek on Apartment 23 later this year.

7. Because she’s part of one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets, Thrilling Adventure Hour! Imagine great names from across film and television playing around on stage in formal suits, recording an old-time radio show, and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect from this group of talented players and very special guest stars.

6. Because for all those Freaks and Geeks fans out there, Kim Kelley will live forever in our hearts even though our beloved series is long over. She’s just as brassy as Phillips herself, and she's not afraid to slug a boy when it's called for.

5. Because she’s wicked funny on Cougar Town as Laurie Keller, and delivers a pretty mean coffee order without a hitch; we dare you to say this one 12 times fast.

4. Because her baby Birdie looked like Justin Bieber and she wasn't afraid to admit it to the world.

3. Because her bubbly and vivacious personality came through loud and clear in Dawson’s Creek as Audrey Liddell.

2. Because did we mention her hobby is cake sculpting?!

1. Because she has these fantastic words of wisdom for young women.