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Read on to find out why we just can’t get enough of renaissance man Adam Goldberg! And don't miss him on THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS, Monday November 5th at 10p.

10. Because he's had a bunch of very cool musical projects, his most recent venture being The Goldberg Sisters; check out their music video for "Shush" which yes, Adam directed.

9. Because he's a master of physical comedy who totally isn't afraid to get into a slap-fight on television.

8. Because Adam joined the already blazingly funny and amazing cast on The Unusuals in one of our favorite Goldberg roles ever as the paranoid Detective Delahoy.

7. Did you know he's a writer, producer, director, and editor on top of everything else? Here's a clip from I LOVE YOUR WORK, a Goldberg project about narcissism, obsession, and the blurring lines between fantasy and reality.

6. As his appearance in THE HEBREW HAMMER showed, Goldberg loves Jewish comedy, and Jewsploitation provides ample room for him to have some fun with his heritage.

5. Because he gives a mean makeup tutorial. Ladies, look out!

4. Because he's okay with being "out" as a neurotic, as seen on THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS.

3. In SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, he rocked the screen as Mellish, the joker who always found humor in even the darkest of situations, but he also showed his range as an actor when it came time to die in a chilling and wrenching scene...(WARNING: Graphic Content)

2. Because he totally stole the show on Friends.

1. Because he's unraveled the secet to time travel, as seen on THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS.