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The Mortified Sessions

How did Tig Notaro’s childhood prepare her to treat tough issues with unflappable humor? And Jason Ritter shares his journey through the grunge years.

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Tig Notaro – Childhood Photos

Through old photos reveas the freewheeling home life and troubles at school that earned Tig Notaro the nickname, “Tough Tig.”

Tig_Notaro_Scan_11.jpg Tig_Notaro_Scan_15.jpg Tig_Notaro_Scan_17.jpg Tig_Notaro_Scan_22.jpg Tig_Notaro_Scan_29.jpg Tig_Notaro_Scan_31.jpg Tig_Notaro_Scan_32.jpg Tig_Notaro_Scan_34.jpg Tig_Notaro_Scan_5.jpg Tig_Notaro_Scan_6.jpg Tig_Notaro_Scan_7.jpg