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Community’s Gillian Jacobs (THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS – Episode 2, Season 2)

Community’s Gillian Jacobs laughs about her growing up as an only child with a single mom. Reading from her diary, Jacobs takes us back to her awkward years when she pursued adult interests quite unusual to kids her age.

The-Mortified-Sessions-6.15.12-1353.jpg The-Mortified-Sessions-6.15.12-1357.jpg The-Mortified-Sessions-6.15.12-1362.jpg The-Mortified-Sessions-6.15.12-1367.jpg The-Mortified-Sessions-6.15.12-1389.jpg The-Mortified-Sessions-6.15.12-1456.jpg The-Mortified-Sessions-6.15.12-1503.jpg