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Top 10 films Mark Duplass thinks you should watch

Actor-writer-director-all-around-indie-MVP Mark Duplass recently completed yet another project: recommending a streaming movie on Netflix every day for the past year. Here, then, are Duplass’ top ten selections from his hundreds of suggestions, nabbed from his Twitter handle @MarkDuplass. Long live #Netflix365!

Duplass tweets: “Set in the Oregon Cascades, this lyrical, nostalgic tale of old friendship is heartbreaking.”
We say: Before Kelly Reichardt made WENDY AND LUCY, she co-wrote and directed another adaptation of a short story by Jonathan Raymond, this one about a pair of friends on a sad, sweet camping trip. If you want a version of Oregon a bit removed from the satire of PORTLANDIA, OLD JOY should do the trick.

Check out the rest of Mark’s list, and get your movie marathon on!

Photo Credit: Kalafudra

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