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Tonight on THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS: Comedian Tig Notaro and Parenthood’s Jason Ritter

It’s another twofer tonight on THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS. Tune in first for one of the more daring stand-up comics around, Tig Notaro. In addition to her live shows, she’s also been featured on The Sarah Silverman Program and Comedy Central Presents and is one of the few comics brave enough to have written a comedy monologue about cancer (based on her own experience). Tig’s followed by the dashing young actor Jason Ritter, whose recurring role on NBC’s Parenthood has earned him an Emmy nomination. Watch both of them open up about the awkward moments that made them who they are today.

And awkward moments indeed – the only thing you’ll think when looking at Tig’s childhood photo is “at least it’s not a bunny suit“:

Tig talks about the origin of her name and reacts predictably to the question “were you a tomboy?”:


Later in the episode, Jason Ritter gets the MORTIFIED treatment. If you’re not a regular watcher of Parenthood, you may also know Ritter from Joan of Arcadia or The Event.

It’s probably pretty clear what sort of crowd Ritter hung out with in high school:

Kind of a dead ringer for a Nirvana-era Dave Grohl, don’t you think? Hey, he’s got the right t-shirt.

Ritter went through the same alienation and misplaced energy that personified the 1990′s grunge era, and he talks about it on MORTIFIED:


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Have a piece of personal history you’d like to share? In keeping with this week’s theme, Sundance Channel staffer Mark is further evidence that every guy looked exactly the same in the 1990′s.

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Photo credit: Chris Ragazzo