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Tonight on THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS: Marc Maron and Community’s Gillian Jacobs

Tonight’s episode of THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS is a double shot of comedy with standup comic and online cult figure Marc Maron followed by Community’s Gillian Jacobs.

Every guy out there probably remembers this awkward stage of life:

Marc Maron as poetry-writing teen

Marc’s mother had a unique life goal. Here Marc reflects on some of the finer points of his mother’s diet, and the horrors of visiting the “husky” section while clothes shopping as a child:


Stay tuned later in the episode for Gillian Jacobs, who you probably recognize as Britta Perry from NBC’s Community.

Gillian’s childhood photo will probably elicit more “awwwww’s” than fun-poking… other than the suspicious finger placement:

Gillian reads a surprisingly salty passage from her diary detailing a cold war she had with her childhood babysitter. Just try to match the mental image this story generates with the photo above:

DID YOU KNOW: that Gillian Jacobs has never seen an episode of T.J. Hooker? That comedian Gallagher walked out on Marc Maron? These lovable factoids and many more are yours for the taking in our Top 10 Reasons We Love Gillian Jacobs and the similarly titled Top 10 Reasons We Love Marc Maron!

Have a piece of personal history you’d like to share? Claudia, head of Sundance Channel’s digital team, loves to dress up on Halloween. This photo was not, however, taken on or even near Halloween.

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And be sure to catch this week’s episode of THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS tonight at 10P!

Photo credit: Chris Ragazzo