A SundanceTV Original Series

THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS returns for a second season!

Sundance Channel’s one-of-a-kind weekly interview series is back! Adam Goldberg, Busy Philipps, Kristin Bauer, Jason Ritter and more celebrities will share their most cherished childhood memorabilia and mementos in the irreverent, in-depth, critically acclaimed series THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS, returning for a second season on Monday, October 8 at 10P.

Born out of host David Nadelberg’s cult storytelling project and book series Mortified, the acclaimed half-hour series is a celebrity show like no other. It features some of Hollywood’s most creative personalities as they tell shockingly raw tales of how deeply mortifying and hilariously awkward teenage events have formed who they are today. “THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS is an opportunity for self-analysis and nostalgia,” noted The Boston Globe‘s Matthew Gilbert about the unusual weekly series. “The show is homage to both the heroism of children and healing power of storytelling.”

The season premiere will feature devastatingly honest anecdotes and moving memories from actress Busy Philipps (Cougar Town, Dawson’s Creek), including a page from her diary that details “the reasons her classmates don’t like her.” Additional episodes will showcase personalities including Adam Goldberg (SAVING PRIVATE RYAN), Kristin Bauer (True Blood), Mark Duplass (The League), Gillian Jacobs (Community), Matt Walsh (Veep), Jason Ritter (Parenthood), Marc Maron and more. From Goldberg sharing the details of his dramatic first kiss to Duplass reflecting on his and his brother’s early filmmaking days, THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS dives into the celebrity’s memory and often their deepest emotions in a way that is both cathartic and completely relatable to anyone who has reached adulthood and reflected on the journey.