A SundanceTV Original Series

Get Mortified with Ed Helms, Mo’Nique & Will Forte



What do Ed Helms and Mo’Nique have in common? OK, yes…they were in two of the biggest films of 2009, but there’s more to it than that. They’ve both got amazingly embarrassing childhood photos. And better yet? They’re ready to share them with you on THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS.

Each week, celebs will share some of their deepest, darkest and most hysterical memories from childhood with THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS‘ David Nadelberg, who knows how to keep digging until he hits the good stuff. Sometimes it’s awful, high school poetry. Other times it might be that deflating diary entry about a first crush. No matter how cringeworthy, we can guarantee folks like Jennifer Grey, SNL’s Will Forte, Cheryl Hines, Megan Mullaly and Alanis Morissette will spill the beans.

THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS premieres on Saturday, December 5th at 8 pm et/pt.