A SundanceTV Original Series

Sundance Channel’s THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS Premieres December 5th at 8p


Ed Helms, Eric Stonestreet, Mo’Nique, Will Forte, Cheryl Hines, Alanis Morissette, Megan Mullally and more reveal seminal moments and little known secrets to host David Nadelberg in this Original ten-part Series

Facebook and Twitter have made keeping your past in the past a thing of the past. Keeping secrets has truly become a lost art, so one might ask why the display of a celebrities diary entry or unsent love letter can carry so much weight? Sundance Channel’s new interview series, THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS, premiering Monday, December 5th at 8:00pm ET/PT, provides a fun look at these artifacts and demonstrates that our adult personality began taking shape in our early years – and that even the coolest celebrity was once a geeky adolescent. The series offers a first person account of these life-changing moments from the past and showcases a new and irreverent side to some of Hollywood’s favorite personalities.

THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS provides a forum for stars including Ed Helms, Jennifer Grey, Eric Stonestreet, Mo’Nique, Cheryl Hines, and husband and wife team Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman, among others, to enjoy a new platform for candidness. Sharing the sometimes mortifying, sometimes side-splitting revelations about themselves helps to remind us what we all have in common – a shoebox full of memories and laughter which longs to be taken down from the top shelf of the closet.

Sarah Barnett, GM of Sundance Channel, said: “I’m thrilled to add THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS to Sundance Channel’s slate of provocative series. This unique style of journalism houses an uncanny ability to draw out the most fascinating and never-before heard details from the subjects, and creates a series that is a complete joy to watch.” ??The questions surrounding the items in this personal manifesto lead to the obvious and sometimes not so obvious questions — were you popular, were you the class clown, were you considered the most likely or least likely to succeed, was there a moment in your childhood that you knew you were destined for the entertainment industry, and so on.

Each thirty-minute episode of the ten installments pushes the laws of convention, re-vamping the art of the interview. Viewers join host David Nadelberg as he sits with Saturday Night Live’s Will Forte on the stage of the iconic Groundlings Theatre to peruse his childhood mementos which shed light on the roots of his offbeat sensibility and humor; we see that the innate entrepreneurial skill of TOMS philanthropist Blake Mycoskie started in childhood and in another segment married actor couple Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally see each other’s childhood memorabilia for the first time. Nadelberg also visits Golden Globe®-nominated Dirty Dancing actress Jennifer Grey who talks about the pressures of growing up in a family of larger than life entertainers, and how it shaped her future.

THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS is inspired by host David Nadelberg’s headline-making storytelling project and book series Mortified. The franchise was birthed in the late ‘90s when Nadelberg stumbled upon an awkward unsent love letter, which motivated him to go public with his personal artifact, in hopes of taking the lid off of our cultural shoebox and sharing our universal inner geek. The “Mortified” stage show has been hailed by Newsweek as a “cultural phenomenon,” and host Nadelberg extends that concept to the television show where he act as part provocateur/part therapist in an effort to get to all of the fun details. Whether he’s pulling out a journal entry or a hilarious childhood photo, his goal is to have everyone feel comfortable about exposing their most pivotal moments, re-igniting our collective sense of self-loathing and humor — all while creating an insightful and engrossing narrative about who they are today.