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“THE LAST PANTHERS” Recap: Episode 106 (The Last Panther)


Milan (Goran Bogdan) follows 
Zlatko (Igor Bencina) to a barber shop.

Zlatko gets a haircut. Milomir (Nikola Djuricko) tells Zlatko that he’s not comfortable traveling to London with so few bodyguards.

Khalil (Tahar Rahim) drives Fatima (Farida Rahouadj) and Samira (Camélia Jordana) to a houseboat, where Mokhtar (Kamel Labroudi) waits for them. Khalil and Mokhtar urge them to stay on the boat until things are sorted out.

Milan follows Zlatko to the airport.

Mokhtar gives Khalil a list of people that they must kill in order to protect themselves. Khalil refuses to kill anyone and tells Mokhtar he will instead arrest them.

In Belgrade, Milan asks Naomi (Samantha Morton) for help obtaining a passport so that he can follow Zlatko to London, where Zlatko is attending a conference. She offers to accompany him.

Julia (Juana Acosta Restrepo) picks up Zlatko and Milomir at the airport. In the car, she tells Zlatko that they are attending the conference to give the E.U. a photo opportunity when they announce the new airport. She shows Zlatko and Milomir a dilapidated house where Zlatko’s $100 million has been stashed.

In Marseille, a thug stabs a man in the street. Meanwhile another thug guns down a man in a bathroom. Elsewhere, a woman discovers five bodies on the waterfront.

At the station, Khalil hears about the murders over the police radio. He immediately calls Mokhtar but gets no answer.

Naomi and Milan arrive in London.

Khalil meets privately with Mokhtar and explodes at Mokhtar for going ahead with the executions. “I’m trying to keep us all alive,” Mokhtar says.

Naomi and Milan arrive at her apartment in London. She offers to help him find Zlatko.

Julia, Zlatko and Milomir arrive at the E.U. conference.

Noami meets with Tom (John Hurt) and urges him to help take Zlatko down. She tells him she has an eyewitness, Milan, who saw Zlatko bribe Gulliame van Reeth (David Dencik) with the stolen diamonds. She agrees to let Tom meet with Milan. As she leaves, she sees Tom make a phone call.

Khalil stares at 12 body bags in the morgue. The coroner calls it an “impressive” job and advises Khalil not to push too hard in tracking down the killers. She echoes Roman’s (Olivier Rabourdin) belief that when criminals kill each other, it’s not a police problem.

Naomi runs home and tells Milan that she trusted someone she shouldn’t have trusted and that they must leave immediately. Milomir shows up at her apartment and shoots at them. Milan chases Milomir to the parking garage and shoots him dead. In a moment of candor, Milan tells Naomi that he and Ferid were responsible for the attack on the Serbian camp in 1995, making him responsible for his father’s death. “Everything is my fault,” he says.

Mokhtar meets with Khalil and suggests they resume the relationship that Roman and Manu (Patrick Azam) had with each other. Khalil takes a call from Kirsty (Natasha O’Keeffe), who informs him that Milan was spotted in London. She requests his presence to go through with an arrest.

Mokhtar forbids Khalil from arresting Milan because Milan can identify him. Khalil explodes once he realizes that Mokhtar sold the guns to Milan. Mokhtar points his gun at Khalil. “I’m powerful now, thanks to you. So from now on you do as I say,” he says.

In a bathroom, Milan inspects a gunshot wound and plugs it up with tissue.

Tom finds Zlatko at the conference. “He’s coming for me,” Zlatko says, referring to Milan.

Milan enters the E.U. conference building. Naomi enters via a separate entrance.

Milan corners Guillaume van Reeth and demands to know Zlatko’s whereabouts. Van Reeth directs him upstairs.

Khalil rings Mokhtar’s doorbell. Mokhtar buzzes him in.

At the conference, a speaker announces the Belgrade airport and champions the unification between eastern and western Europe.

Zlatko sits in the hallway, waiting for Milan.

Khalil shoots Mokhtar in his apartment, killing him. He points the gun at his own head but cannot pull the trigger. He wipes his prints off the gun.

Milan spots Zlatko in the hallway. A shootout ensues. Milan corners Zlatko in a bathroom and they fight. Zlatko chokes Milan to death. Naomi walks in and shoots Zlatko in the head.

Three months later: Tom’s boss stops by his office to invite him to golf. Fatima and Samira hug Khalil good-bye. Fatima urges him to track down Mokhtar’s killer. Naomi stands on top of the mountain that Pev (Bojan Dimitrijevic) once took her to. She gazes at a plaque bearing Pev, Milan and Adnan’s (Nikola Rakocevic) names.

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