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“THE LAST PANTHERS” Recap: Episode 105 (Angel of Death)


In Belgrade, Milan (Goran Bogdan) steals a motorcycle and races to save Adnan (Nikola Rakocevic).

Zlatko (Igor Bencina) and Milomir (Nikola Djuricko) corner Adnan on the roof of an abandoned building. Adnan jumps off. Milan arrives just in time to see Adnan’s body slam into a metal chute. Naomi (Samantha Morton), who followed Zlatko and Milomir from the nightclub, approaches a dazed Milan.

In Bosnia, 1995: A young Milan (Ismir Gagula) and young Adnan (Luka Jovanovic) watch an envoy of U.N. vehicles snake along a road near their village. Michael (Joseph Mawle) radios Naomi from his U.N. vehicle and receives no response.

At a Bosnian checkpoint, Naomi begs an officer, Ferid (Milos Samolov), to allow the U.N. envoy to pass through with medical supplies. Ferid’s partner, Pev (Bojan Dimitrijevic), convinces Ferid to grant her permission.

Later, Naomi lies in bed with Pev at his house. They make love.

Milan chats with Ferid in the kitchen.

A Croatian officer secretly passes Naomi an envelope with intelligence, asking her to “prevent what we can’t prevent.”

At a Serbian checkpoint, Igor and Dragan oversee a gun-smuggling operation. Tigers load guns into a car bound for Marseille.

At the U.N. camp, Naomi tells Michael that Tigers are smuggling weapons during ceasefire and urges him to set up surveillance of the Tigers. Michael insists it’s not the U.N.’s place to do so.

Naomi confronts Igor about moving weapons during the ceasefire. Igor schools her for being naive about war.

Michael briefs his U.N. team and commends them for keeping the peace.

Michael introduces Naomi to Tom (John Hurt), who works for MI6. Tom explains that Igor, Dragan and Arkan belong to a group called the Panthers. He urges Naomi to back off from Igor so that they can take a more measured approach to dismantling the Panthers.

Pev, Milan and Adnan take Naomi for a hike in the mountains. That night, Naomi warns Pev that the Serbians are re-arming and planning to attack. She urges him to flee but forbids him from telling friends and neighbors, as it would only cause mayhem. Pev refuses to abandon his friends. Milan overhears Naomi’s warning and slips out to do something about it.

The next day, Ferid flees a Serbian camp after setting off explosives — a preemptive strike after Milan’s warning of a Serbian attack. Serbian soldiers shoot Ferid down. A horrified Milan watches from a distance. “What have I done?” he says.

As U.N. soldiers mobilize to stem the violence, a colleague tells Naomi that Bosnians attacked a Serbian camp, killing 15 people.

Realizing that the attack is a direct result of her warning to Pev, Naomi urges Michael to arrest Bosnians for their own protection. Michael refuses.

Milan arrives home to find Pev packing. He confesses that he and Ferid planned the attack. “I thought it was the right thing to do,” he says. “You’ve sentenced us all to death,” Pev replies.

Naomi later looks for Pev at home but finds the house empty.

Pev and his friends flee the village in a van. Serbians open fire on the van.

Michael orders Naomi to start logging the body count. A dazed Naomi gets out her notepad.

Milan and Adnan crawl out from a hiding spot in the van and find Pev dead. Milan decides they will flee to Belgrade and start a new life.

In the present day, Naomi and Milan stand in her hotel room. Naomi asks why he spared her life in the alleyway. “Because my father would have wanted me to,” he says. Naomi gives him an old photo of Pev. He cries. “Funny, the only time our family dies is when you are around,” he says. “It’s like you are some ‘angel of death.’”

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