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“THE LAST PANTHERS” Recap: Episode 103 (Chimaeras)


Khalil (Tahar Rahim) stakes out Georges’ gym and sees Mokhtar (Kamel Labroudi) in the doorway.

In Belgrade, Zlatko (Igor Bencina) oversees preparations for his final gun-smuggling run. Zlatko enlists Milan’s (Goran Bogdan) help to spring Dragan (Boris Isakovic) from prison.

Naomi (Samantha Morton) meets with her diamond-hunting team, which includes her ex-husband Michael Farnborough (Joseph Mawle). She informs them that the Panthers’ diamond dealer, Sol Meyer (Michael Fitzgerald), is about to receive the stolen diamonds at an unknown time and location.

At the station, Roman (Olivier Rabourdin) orders Khalil to stop investigating the diamond case.

In a parking garage, Manu Esposito (Patrick Azam), a gun trafficker, interrogates his captive, Rajko, while Mokhtar stands by. Manu tells Rajko that his contact in Serbia is no longer sending guns. Rajko does not reply.

Flash back to 1995: A boy, Halim, abandons a young Khalil moments before they’re about to perform a job for Nadim. Khalil and Mokhtar sneak into a car junkyard. Khalil retrieves a bag from a car and is attacked by a guard dog.

In the present, Naomi and Michael listen to cellphones in the vicinity of Meyer’s office in an effort to hone in on Meyer’s phone.

Outside Georges’ gym, Khalil watches a car enter the garage. He sneaks inside and sees a young man remove smuggled guns from the car.

Naomi grows impatient with the phone surveillance and calls in a bomb scare. Her team spots Meyer in the resulting crowd on the street.

At home, Adnan (Nikola Rakocevic) urges Milan to stop working for Zlatko. Milan maintains that they need money.

Damir (Gordan Kicic), a Serbian politician, shows the future airport site to a group of people. Tom (John Hurt) attends the tour.

In a conference room, Damir introduces the group to Zlatko and other key figures who will help run the airport. Tom notices Zlatko’s tiger tattoo and quietly snaps a photo of Zlatko.

Naomi’s team follows Meyer to his house. Tom texts Zlatko’s photo to Naomi and asks her to run the photo by Interpol.

In a flashback, Khalil and Mokhtar open the bag from the junkyard and find guns inside. Nadim arrives to collect the guns.

In the present, Khalil confronts Mokhtar about smuggling guns at the gym and demands to know Rajko’s location. Mokhtar storms off.

Naomi gleans from one of Meyer’s phone conversations that the diamonds have arrived in London. She orders her team to find recordings from Meyer’s second phone to obtain more details.

Michael informs Naomi that the diamond exchange will take place at 11 AM the following morning.

In a flashback, a young Khalil finds Halim’s dead body on the ground.

Khalil and Fatima (Farida Rahouadj) discuss his fraught relationship with Mokhtar. Khalil blames his father for throwing him out.

In a flashback, Nadim tells Khalil that he killed Halim to make an example of him for abandoning Khalil at the junkyard.

Back in the present, Zlatko, Milan and Milomir (Nikola Djuricko) wait for a helicopter. Manu calls Zlatko to inform him that he has Rajko in the hopes that Zlatko will send more guns. Zlatko tells Manu that he’s done dealing guns.

Naomi and Michael surveil the street where the diamond exchange is scheduled to take place. Kirsty (Natasha O’Keeffe) calls Naomi to inform her that Zlatko has a history.

In the helicopter, Zlatko tells Milan that he plans to kill Dragan and promises to give Milan his money after the deed is done.

Tom counsels Damir to drop Zlatko from his team because he is a smuggler. Damir refuses.

Naomi and Michael continue their surveillance. Naomi sees a woman walking a dog.

Zlatko, Milan and Milomir arrive at Dragan’s prison in the helicopter. They drop guns into the prison yard and rescue Dragan in the ensuing melee.

Eleven o’clock passes without any sign of a diamond hand-off. “We missed him,” says Michael.

Back on land, Milan grabs Zlatko’s gun and tells Dragan that Zlatko planned to kill him. Milan escapes with Dragan in a car.

Naomi reviews the surveillance footage and realizes the diamonds were concealed in the dog.

Police raid Meyer’s home but it’s too late: The dog is dead and the diamonds are gone.

Khalil follows Mokhtar and sees him meet with Roman. Manu brings Roman to Rajko.

Naomi informs Tom that they’ve lost the diamonds. Tom calls Damir and agrees to insure the airport.

Manu releases Rajko in the street then kills him with Roman’s gun. He tells Roman to claim the glory of killing a diamond thief — and in return Roman will turn a blind eye toward Manu’s gun trafficking.

At the station, Khalil watches officers question Roman about Rajko’s death.

Milan calls Adnan to warn him that Zlatko’s men are coming. He tells Adnan to run to their hide-out.

Milan and Dragan ditch the car and proceed by foot.

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