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“THE LAST PANTHERS” Recap: Episode 102 (White Knight)


Khalil (Tahar Rahim) leads a police raid at Les Agnettes, a disreputable housing development in Marseille.

Milan (Goran Bogdan) brings his brother Adnan (Nikola Rakocevic) to the hospital after Adnan suffers a heart attack.

Tom (John Hurt) visits Naomi (Samantha Morton) at home in London, where she’s recovering from being attacked.

Khalil’s team unsuccessfully searches two apartments for weapons.

Tom tells Naomi he passed the diamond case on to a colleague, Gregory, who has identified her three assailants. He says Milan served time for robbery and that Milan’s boss, Dragan (Boris Isacovic), is currently in prison.

Khalil’s team raids an apartment inhabited by an elderly couple and finds a cache of guns. A gun trafficker jumps out and opens fire. They gun him down.

Tom puts Naomi on trauma leave but she decides to stay on the investigation.

Khalil leaves Les Agnettes in an ambulance, bruised but alive.

A recovering Adnan jokes with Milan at the hospital.

In a flashback, a young Adnan tells Milan he is hungry and invokes Allah’s name. “Forget Allah, we’re Serbian now,” Milan warns.

Naomi studies Milan’s photo in her office.

Milomir (Nikola Djuricko) escorts Milan to Zlatko’s estate. In a flashback, a young Milan and Zlatko prepare to receive their official gang tattoos.

In the present, Zlatko (Igor Bencina) agrees to buy Milan’s diamonds but emphasizes that the Panthers no longer deal in stolen goods.

Naomi asks Kirsty from Interpol for information about Dragan. In return, she offers files on Borisav and Drago — but withholds Milan’s file.

At the station, Khalil interrogates Georges and Margot Belair, the elderly couple from Les Agnettes. Having grown up in Les Agnettes, Khalil knows them and accuses them of helping gun traffickers. They maintain their innocence.

In a flashback, a young Khalil and Mokhtar race around Les Agnettes on their bikes. Khalil falls off his bike and lands in front of a Les Agnettes gangster.

At home, Khalil’s mother Fatima asks Khalil to be careful at work.

Mokhtar warns Khalil that his raid angered local gangsters. An undeterred Khalil vows, “I will clean up Les Agnettes.”

Naomi visits Dragan in a Belgian prison to ask where the diamonds are located. “Panthers don’t talk,” he says.

In Belgrade, a politician announces plans for a new airport and introduces Guillaume Von Reeth (David Dencik) from Plex, the company that won the airport bid. In the audience, Milomir tells Milan that Zlatko wants to work with Von Reeth.

Tom briefs Guy Belmaire, his boss, on the diamond case. He later asks Belmaire for assignments with higher earning potential. Belmaire agrees.

Milan and Milomir watch from their car as Zlatko meets with Von Reeth to try and buy his way into an airport security contract.

Khalil brings a Les Agnettes gangster into the station. “It’s him, right?” he asks Georges, giving the gangster the impression that Georges is snitching.

Milan leaps out of the car as Zlatko’s and Von Reeth’s discussion becomes heated. Von Reeth rejects Zlatko’s two-million euro bribe, unwilling to travel with cash. Milan suggests they pay him in diamonds. Von Reeth agrees.

At the station, Franck informs Khalil that blood from the Belairs’ apartment belongs to one of the diamond thieves (Rajko).

Khalil confronts Georges about Rajko. Georges refuses to talk.

On the phone, Naomi tells Tom that the prison will not let her search Dragan’s cell. She asks for his prison contacts.

Two men enter Dragan’s cell and beat him up.

Roman informs Khalil that Interpol delivered the names of two diamond thieves. Upon learning that the Belairs were released, Khalil rushes out to find them.

The men search Dragan’s cell and find his secret mobile phone.

Kristina, Zlatko’s wife, sews the diamonds into an anesthetized dog.

Over the radio, Khalil and Franck hear a police report of two shooting deaths. After finding the Belairs’ apartment empty, Khalil rushes to the scene of the shooting and sees the Belairs’ bodies.

Naomi meets with Dragan and threatens to extend his prison time, using incriminating evidence from his phone, unless he helps find the diamonds. He agrees.

At the airport, Milomir gives the dog to Von Reeth.

Milan plays chess with Adnan at the hospital.

At home, Khalil’s sister Samira gives him an envelope that was left in her work mailbox, addressed to him. Khalil finds Georges’ gym membership card inside with a message: “For the white knight.”

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