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“THE LAST PANTHERS” Recap: Episode 101 (The Animal)


In Marseille, France, former Pink Panther member Milan Celik (Goran Bogdan) robs a jewelry store with accomplices Borisav and Rajko. Borisav hands off the stolen diamonds to Drago via an intermediary. Drago attaches the diamonds to a string connected to a false tooth that thereby allows him to hide the diamonds in his throat. Rajko seeks refuge in a dumpster after getting shot by police. After accidentally shooting a young girl while fleeing, Borisav leaves his gun at the scene.

At the jewelry store, Khalil Rachedi (Tahar Rahim), a French police officer, sends away Naomi Franckom (Samantha Morton), a claims adjustor for the insurance company. Naomi asks someone to gather security tapes.

At the police station, Khalil asks his boss, Roman Riochet (Olivier Rabourdin), to put him on the jewel heist investigation. Interpol officer Kirsty Wilkinson (Natasha O’Keeffe) informs them that the young girl shot in the street has died.

Milan and Borisav leave Marseille. In the car, they hear a news report about the girl’s death.

In Genoa, Drago receives a call from the diamond buyer, who backs out of the deal due to attention generated by the girl’s murder.

Naomi picks up her boss from the insurance company, Tom Kendle (John Hurt), at the airport. She fills him in on the details: The thieves have stolen a watch and 15 million euros worth in diamonds. She believes the Pink Panthers are responsible.

Khalil takes Roman to the crime scene and says the insurance company obtained, then erased, the security camera footage.

Naomi shows Tom security stills of Drago, who she identifies as a Serbian smuggler. Tom assigns her to the case despite her reluctance to work in the Balkans.

Flashback to 1995, Belgrade: Dressed in army fatigues, Naomi runs down the street with another soldier behind her. She enters a building, shouting someone’s name.

In the present, Milan and Borisav arrive at Drago’s motel and learn that the buyer backed out.

Khalil stops by Naomi’s office and confronts her about obstructing the police investigation by publishing photos of the robbers and advertising a 300,000 euros reward.

After making some calls, Drago finds a new buyer.

Khalil wakes up in his mother Fatima’s apartment, where he is temporarily living.

Drago, Milan and Borisav drive to a gypsy settlement in Hungary.

Roman and Khalil update a judge on the heist investigation. Roman proposes they work with Interpol to find the thieves in Serbia. The judge approves his idea as well as Khalil’s proposal to locate the thieves by tracking down the people who sold them guns.

A gypsy, Jamezdin, offers 200,000 euros for the diamonds. Drago refuses. Jamezdin threatens Drago but backs off when he recognizes the tiger tattoo on Milan’s chest, a mascot of the Panthers. Afterwards, Milan makes an executive decision to find a buyer in Belgrade.

As they drive to Belgrade, Milan flashes back to 1995: A 14-year-old Milan (Goran Bogdan) rides in the back of a van with other young boys, gazing out the window as they arrive in Belgrade.

En route to Belgrade, Naomi flashes back to 1995: Again dressed in fatigues, she sits at the front of an armored U.N. vehicle as it rides through a war-torn Bosnian village.

In Belgrade, Milan approaches his former Panther associates outside a cemetery chapel. He tells an old friend, Milomir (Nikola Djuricko), that he’d like to sell diamonds to Zlatko (Igor Bencina), the interim leader of the Panthers. Zlatko rejects the offer.

Naomi installs a small camera near Drago’s apartment.

In a flashback: A young Milan steals a man’s wallet and is captured by the man’s thugs. Milan spits in the man’s face. “You’re an animal, that’s good,” the man says.

In the present, Milan calls the man from the flashback. The man is Dragan (Boris Isacovic), leader of the Panthers, currently serving time in prison. Milan tells Dragan that Zlatko will not help him with a problem.

Khalil meets his brother, Mokhtar (Kamel Labroudi), to ask for leads on the thieves’ guns. Mokhtar refuses to help.

Naomi flashes back to 1995: She stands paralyzed in a house while two soldiers shoot at a car outside, killing the people inside.

Milan visits his sick brother, Adnan (Nikola Rakocevic). Zlatko smirks at Milan for running to “papa,” a.k.a. Dragan, for help.

In his car, Zlatko tells Milan that Naomi is looking for the diamonds. Milan says he needs the heist money to help Adnan get a new heart. Zlatko agrees to buy the diamonds if Milan first deals with Naomi.

Milan tells Borisav and Drago that he found a buyer for 200,000 euros. Drago seethes at the paltry payment.

Drago secretly calls Naomi to collect the insurance reward. They arrange a meeting.

At the station, Khalil informs Roman that they’ve traced the guns to Les Agnettes Estate.

Naomi arrives at the meeting spot only to find Drago murdered. Borisav ambushes her then urges Milan to kill her. Milan recognizes her face and instead shoots Borisav and their Panther associate Jani. He removes the diamonds from Drago’s mouth. “It is you,” he tells Naomi, who appears conscious but does not move.

Khalil receives the go-ahead to hit Les Agnettes at dawn.

Milan gives Milomir the diamonds. “Welcome back,” says Milomir.

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