The Honorable Woman



Sir Hugh Hayden-HoylePlayed by Stephen Rea

The outgoing head of the Middle East desk of MI6, Sir Hugh has one last assignment to oversee before his departure: that of finding out who is intent on destroying the Steins and how Nessa's past directly correlates to the present and the forces that are conspiring against her - both at home and on the international stage. A cunning and astute operator, Sir Hugh is fazed by little and knows all too well how the higher offices of government operate and the lengths to which they'll go in order to protect national interests. A man who wants only the truth, he is an unlikely ally to the Steins and must engage in an intellectually superior game of espionage and international relations in order to preserve the Stein family name and get to the bottom of why Nessa's enemies (domestic and foreign) are so intent on her destruction. Having never had to make a stand on anything, as he now faces the end of his career, Sir Hugh begins to discover a moral compass.